Medical AI Companies 2020

  • AI is the biggest breakthrough in human history while still a new technological innovation that has already made its way into our lives, in our homes and businesses. Now the next frontier being breached is that of medical AI.

    Artificial intelligence is already a mature project that there is no question of treating it as a phase. That is why it must be sanctioned, embedded in an ethical and legal framework.

    Modern technological solutions are changing the healthcare system and are significant support for doctors around the world.

    Patient expectations are also steadily rising - being able to access their data and respond quickly and accurately is essential. A report by the consulting company Deloitte "Winning in the future of MedTech" shows that although many companies in the medical sector are well prepared to meet the health needs of customers in the digital age, they will need support in this regard. Establishing a partnership with technology market participants will be one of the conditions for their competitiveness - AI is the next big step to take.

    Modern healthcare is based on digitization and effective data analysis and to improve their spectrum of services, the MedTech market should move from gradual improvement of medical devices to the use of technology at various levels of the organization.

    Technology companies already play a large role in the development of the medical sector. Their ability to collect, store and analyze huge amounts of health data not only improves patient service but also affects the profitability of medical care. In addition, technologies allow clients to control their physical condition and consult it with specialists in a way that is convenient for them.

    The MedTech sector will determine the future of medicine - especially in the context of the development of innovative hardware and software solutions. Artificial intelligence is now being offered as a SAAS model by some tech innovators.

    Experts also point out that an important factor in the further evolution of patient care will be skillful data management - which will not only serve to improve the patients' well-being, but thanks to solutions in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) will help predict their health problems.

    According to experts from the medical and technology market, startups declared that artificial intelligence would make a significant contribution to the development of future medicine.

    In a moment artificial intelligence will be ubiquitous, and humanity will change more over the next 20 years than over the last 300. Does that raise concerns? Probably. However, not about how the technology will cope, but about whether humanity will use AI as support or more as a life prosthesis.

    The technology will allow cheap and effective diagnostics, detecting deviations from standards in many fields. AI will also increasingly be used in the process of drug research and development. Artificial intelligence is also a chance for the development of personalized medicine, which is already a dynamic trend.