Understanding Industrial Aluminium Profile and Extrusions

  • Industrial Aluminum Profiles


    Aluminum is a very lightweight metal that is extremely malleable. Aluminum profile products are very useful because it has some incredible properties such as its thin layer of oxides that stops water and air to make it resist corrosion.

    Aluminum alloys are used for manufacturing air crafts, trains, car rims, window frames, outdoor furniture, kitchen utensils, bike frames, ladders and much more. These are ideal for building automation applications and also used for some structural components because of their malleability and versatility.


    The Reason Behind the Popularity of Aluminum Profiles

    Industrial Aluminium Profiles become very popular because aluminum itself has many benefits like it is less costly, strong and malleable. There are some other benefits of using aluminum profiles, these are –

    • Aluminum profiles have got natural oxide films on them. These do not need many protective coats for this reason.
    • This is ideal for component parts or various uses because of its malleability. It is very soft and versatile - so it is easy to roll, bend and form into desired shapes.
    • Also for its softness, it is easy to cut, carve saw or drill through. For this reason, it is more affordable than other metals like stainless steel.
    • Its thermal conductivity and temperature performance work really great for both hot and cold temperatures. At extremely cold temperatures, aluminum becomes stronger. This is the reason it is ideal for the aerospace industry.
    • The most effective part of it is great recyclability. That means any structure of aluminum profiles can also be recycled without losing any of the major components of the metal. Hence you will find it is most searched for at any construction site.


    Some uses of Aluminum Profile Products

    Industrial Aluminium Profiles are the main materials for the production of aluminum doors and windows, frames, ceiling, aluminum decorative plates, alloy containers and many more. It is used in many industries. Here are some uses of it –




    Nowadays Industrial Aluminium Profiles take a very important role in the architecture industry. It is used for making doors, windows and curtain walls. It looks really attractive and it does not rust. They are considered perfect for any architectural uses and preparation of indoor objects.


    Automotive Application

    Aluminum is also ideal for automotive applications. It keeps trailer weight low. It is also used in RV’s for the same reason. These applications do not function if there is rust and hence aluminum is the best choice. They can also be polished up to look nice and attractive. So it is really good for decoration and ideal with proper maintenance.



    It is easy to build various kinds of frames. Picture frames or light frames to hold the solar panels. It's lightweight, corrosion-resistant and ideal material for this purpose.


    Industrial Purpose

    In the industry, Industrial Aluminum Profiles are used for several reasons. For the characteristic of this material such as conductivity, it is ideal for such uses. Cable channels system, heat sinks, air conditioning, cabinets, and furniture are made by using this lightweight and sturdy material. Day by day the uses of aluminum profiles are increasing because of its lightweight property, low cost, and durability.

    These are attractive and are easy to use for fabrications. The metal is joinable by different methods and they can be formed to integral shapes or complex objects. Their strength may go up to 300MPa and these properties are considered while aluminum profiles are selected for use in various industries.