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Pass AI-102 Exam with Top-Quality Dumps

  • Microsoft AI- 102 Sample Questions

     01. A client uses Azure Cognitive Hunt. The client plans to enable a garçon- side encryption and use client- managed keys( CMK) stored in Azure.

    What are three counteraccusations of the planned change?

     Each correct answer presents a complete result. NOTE Each correct selection is worth one point.

     a) The indicator size will increase.

     b) Query times will increase.

     c) A tone- inkedX.509 instrument is needed.

     d) The indicator size will drop.

     e) Query times will drop.

    f) Azure Key Vault is needed.

    02. You're erecting a natural language model. You need to enable active literacy. What should you do?

     a) Add show- all- intents = true to the vaticination endpoint query.

     b) Enable speech priming.

     c) Add iog = true to the vaticination endpoint query.

     d) Enable sentiment analysis.

      03. You plan to perform prophetic AI-102 Exam Dumps conservation. You collect IoT detector data from 100 artificial machines for a time. Each machine has 50 different detectors that induce data at one- nanosecond intervals. In total, you have 5,000 time series datasets.

    You need to identify unusual values in each time series to help prognosticate ministry failures. Which Azure Cognitive Services service should you use?

     a) Anomaly Sensor

     b) Cognitive Hunt

     c) Form Recognizer

     d) Custom Vision  

     04. You're developing a new deals system that will reuse the videotape and textbook from a public- facing website. You plan to cover the deals system to insure that it provides indifferent results anyhow of the stoner's position or background.

     Which two responsible AI principles give guidance to meet the monitoring conditions?

     Choose two.)

     a) translucency

     b) Fairness

     c) Inclusiveness

     d) trustability and safety

     e) sequestration and security


     05. You make a conversational bot named bot1. You need to configure the bot to use a QnA Maker operation. From the Azure Portal, where can you find the information needed by bot1 to connect to the Q & as Maker operation?

     a) Access control( IAM)

     b) parcels

     c) Keys and Endpoint

     d) Identity

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     06. You're training a Language Understanding model for a stoner support system. You produce the first intent named Get Contact Details and add 200 exemplifications.

     You need to drop the liability of a false positive. What should you do?

     a) Enable active literacy.

     b) Add a machine learned reality.

     c) Add fresh exemplifications to the Get Contact Details intent.

     d) Add exemplifications to the None intent.

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