How to Download and install AOL Gold for Windows?

  • In today’s era of constant changing and updating technologies, you have to adapt to the new trends to stay relevant. Usage of smart devices and has increased significantly these days and you have to have an email address to log in on all those devices. And there is no better email service than AOL mail because of its customization and its premium services as well which you can enjoy with its proprietary AOL desktop gold software.


    It is very easy to download and install the AOL desktop Gold software, but you may end up installing it with wrong instructions. So you need to make sure that you follow proper instructions to download and install the product otherwise you may end up installing a corrupt product. Don’t worry you can call the AOL desktop gold support number +1-800-329-1530 in case of any trouble. You can also read our guide which is compiled by the AOL experts especially for users who are facing trouble.


    How to download

    Downloading AOL desktop gold is not a big task and anyone with enough computer knowledge can do it, but first, you need to make sure that your computer packs in enough firepower to install and run it. That is why you must check the system requirements for installing the AOL desktop gold.

    • At least 512 MB disk space needed

    • Your system should have at least 1GB RAM

    • The computer processor must be faster than 266MHz

    • The screen resolution needs to be 1024x768 pixels or higher

    • Must have the latest web browser to browse its products and mails

    You need to subscribe to the AOL desktop gold, if you are already a subscriber then you can download the software very easily. 

    All you have to do is:

    • Sign in and go to the My Account page on your AOL mail

    • Then you need to find the link to ‘My Services | Subscriptions’ and click on it.

    • Then click on the ‘Get Started’ link next to AOL Desktop Gold.

    • Follow the installation steps once it is downloaded.


    To install the tool you need to: 

    • Open the download folder and look for the downloaded file.

    • Then double click on the file and provide administrative privilege if asked.

    • Then you need to click on the ‘Install Now button’ and then follow the on-screen instructions.


    By following these steps you’ll be able to download and install the AOL desktop gold very easily. But if you are still finding it difficult to download and install the product then you can contact the AOL customer service number +1-800-329-1530 and ask for help. They are available 24*7 to everyone in need of support related to the AOL products or services. They provide excellent services as you don’t have to wait for your call to be picked up, there is no wait time in their services.