Minneapolis, USA: Police smash underground illegal poker room

  • According to myfoxtwincities, with the help of a whistle-blower, the city of Minneapolis successfully destroyed an underground illegal poker room.
    The report also said that hidden weapons and drugs were also found while searching the room.
    Police said Ulisyie Powell, 카지노사이트the organizer of the underground gambling agency, also hired armed guards to protect his property.
    The police said that because the Minneapolis City Issuing Authority and the Minnesota Gaming Law Enforcement Department stipulated that gambling was not allowed in the area, the underground gambling was illegal.
    Department agent Carla Cincotta said, "For consumers, my advice is to stay away from this kind of game. It is unregulated. If there is a problem, there is no measure to ensure that you can be treated fairly. You have no legal dependence."