How to expand your vocabulary

  • The reason why the writers of a pay someone to Write My Essay Reviews UK writing company can produce high-quality work is that they have a broad vocabulary and a deep understanding of how to use those words. Having a vast vocabulary is an essential tool for a student as that can not only help you in your English language course but also in every other class.

    You have to make a conscious effort to enhance your vocabulary and literary skills. So, make it your habit to try and learn new words every day. The more words you know, the more you can use them while writing or conversing with people.   

    1. Read As Much As You Can

    If you want to build up your vocabulary, the best way is to read anything you can get your hands on. Nothing can be as effective as reading when it comes to enhancing your vocabulary. The more books and novels you read, the more you will come across new words.

    1. Look For Reading Materials Of Your Choice

    If you are not an avid reader, you should try to work on your vocabulary by adopting a different approach. If reading novels and stories is not your cup of tea, you can use the newspaper or magazines as your medium to search for new words.  

    1. Use A Thesaurus And A Dictionary

    When you are reading, you notice words that you have never heard of. Until you know the meaning of these words, you won’t be able to remember it and use it in your writing. So, make it a habit to keep a dictionary or a thesaurus close by. When you read and get stuck on an unfamiliar word, you can easily look it up and search the meaning.

    1. Keep A Notepad In Handy

    There is no point in discovering new words and making an effort to find the meaning if you forget it after a few days. That is not how your vocabulary will grow. You have to come up with a system where you can refer to the words and refresh your memory from time to time. After you have encountered a new word and searched its meaning, take a notepad and jot down the word and its meaning. In doing so, all the words that you learn will be in one place and you will have no trouble recalling them. 

    1. Include New Words In Your Conversations 

    Now that you are familiar with several new words and know their meanings well make use of them and incorporate them into your conversations. With time those words will come naturally to you and you won’t have to make an effort to recall them specifically. This will also help you when you are required to give presentations in front of the class. As you need to get your point across to the audience, the more eloquent you are, the better you will be understood. You will feel more relaxed and confident to explain your thoughts and point of view explicitly.

    1. Play Educational Games

    If you are the sort of person who wants to improve their vocabulary in a fun and less annoying way, then you should download some educational games and make your learning experience an exciting one. Scrabble and Taboo are a few of the games you can play with friends and family, and at the same time, learn new words and build up your vocabulary. The newspaper has a separate section where they print crossword puzzles. You can enjoy your cup of tea along with a stimulating puzzle to improve your vocabulary.