How to Uninstall HP Printer Software



    When you are using an HP printer and you are looking at some problems with your printer, you can solve them by uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it again.


    But, why do you want to uninstall the HP printer drivers in the first place if everything is working fine? There can be various reasons for it but these two are the most prominent ones.


    • You don’t want that printer on your computer network anymore.

    • The printer is not working and you are trying to get it working again by uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.


    Tip: If you try to reinstall the driver and you connected the printer earlier than you were instructed, you may need to repeat the process once again.


    Uninstalling the HP printer software is an easy task and you should be able to do it yourself until there is a complication in the printer. In that condition, you may need to contact the HP Printer Technical Support Number. But, for now, focus on the instructions below to uninstall the driver from your system.


    Uninstall the printer from Programs and Features


    First, you need to remove your printer from the Programs and Features. Let’s go.


    • Disconnect the printer from the PC, Remove the USB cable is connected.
    • Open the start menu and search for features, you’ll see ‘Programs and Features’ click on it.
    • In the list of the installed programs, you’ll see your printer name.
    • Select it and click on the uninstall button above.
    • If the UAC displays, click yes
    • Then follow the on-screen instructions of the software removal tool to uninstall it completely.
    • After the uninstallation process is finished, reboot your computer to make the changes.


    By this you have uninstalled the HP printer software from the PC, there are some additional steps to take if you want to remove the printer from the devices list. If yes then follow along, if no then you are done.


    Remove the printer from Devices list


    • First, remove the printer from the PC via USB
    • Open the control panel and look for Devices and Printers
    • Open Devices and Printers and look for the icon of your printer.
    • Right click on your printer and select Remove device or uninstall the software from the menu.
    • Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstall process of HP printer software.
    • If you see multiple printer icons, remove them all by repeating the process.


    This should be fairly easy for most people but if you are not most people and are looking for someone who can do that for you. Call HP Printer Support Phone Number and the executive from there will be able to help you remotely.


    The executives from the HP Support Number are available 24*7 to help anyone. You can call from anywhere in the world and you’ll be served on a priority basis. So feel free to call whenever you find yourself in trouble regarding HP products.


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