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  •  An appropriate punching length and disengageable dies. An important consideration when choosing your device is punching length. Most of the comb binding machines you can buy are designed for letter-sized paper (8.5" x 11") and thus, have a punching length of 11". Unless you plan on working with larger documents, this length should be just fine. If you do want to create larger books (such as ones that are 8.5" x 14" - legal size), the device you choose needs to have either a longer punching length or an open throat. It also needs to be equipped with disengageable dies so you can punch the right number of holes.   A sufficient punching capacity. This refers to how much paper the machine can punch at one time. Punching capacities vary High-Speed Flat Silk Sock Machines greatly and you should choose a device that can punch a good amount of sheets (i.e. more than 10).

    The more you can punch at once, the quicker the bookbinding process will be.  A depth of punch margin control. Any good comb binding machine will have a depth of punch margin control. This feature allows you to determine where the holes will be punched in relation to the edge of the paper. Adjusting the position of the holes will enable you to create books that are more strongly bound and ensure that the pages can't be ripped out too easily.  A punching activator. This is one feature you won't find on manual comb binding machine. A punching activator simply kicks the punching mechanism into action so you can being the bookbinding process. The activator can be either a push-button mechanism or a foot pedal. Going with the foot pedal is usually a good idea because it will allow you to keep your hands free while you punch and bind.       Durability and a good warranty. A good electric comb binding machine isn't cheap so it's prudent to choose one that will be able to last for years. The device you select should be made out of metal and come with a good warranty. (One to two year's worth of coverage is ideal.) You may also want to purchase a service contract if one is available so you can have a professional service the device when needed.