iOS 13: 5 New Features and Updates Coming to Apple Maps

  • Apple has released updates for several of its stock apps in iOS 13. The Apple Maps app will be updated as well. The latest version comes with several new features and improvements. Now, Apple Maps will be able to compete with the Google Maps app better. If you are wondering what the new features and improvements are, then check out the list given below:

    1. Look Around

    Look Around feature is similar to the Street View feature in Google Maps. Even though the feature is not too expansive as of now, it is very useful. On the basis of the locations that, at present, are supporting this feature in the beta, it looks like Apple Maps shall provide premium quality imagery along with navigation controls. These controls will be more smooth than the ones offered by Google.

    The recently announced feature offers an interactive neighborhood map. Using this feature, you can get a look of a neighborhood, even when you are not there. Once fully launched, you can access it via Apple Maps. In order to use this, you need to swipe for rotating the camera and tap for moving in a certain direction. The animations are super smooth.

    2. Improved Transit Info

    In case you travel by public transports, then this new feature will be helpful. Apple Maps will now come with transit schedules for public transportation such as trains, buses, and subways(underground). It will show the arrival time, stops in the line, and the connections. Moreover, you will get real-time updates regarding any changes such as outage or cancellation.

    3. Favorites

    When you open the Apple Maps app, you will now be able to insert a dedicated button for all the places that you usually go to. For example, your home and workplace will show up in Favorites. As the frequently visited placed will get pinned to the main screen, you can just tap on them when you launch the app. This way, you can say a lot of time and effort. When you pull up to see the info card, all the collections and recently visited places will appear.

    4. Dark Mode

    Apple has added a system-wide dark mode for the new iOS version. This dark mode will now come to all of the stock apps, such as Maps. Not only will it look more appealing, but it will also make particular aspects of the map, like the routes and subway lines, pop out.

    5. Better Audio Directions

    Not only will Siri’s voice be less robotic in iOS 13, but it will also be able to give better map directions. For instance, rather than telling you to take a left in 50 feet, she will ask you to turn left at the next stop sign.

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