The Glamour of Being a High Profile Goa Escort

  • Lavanya is one of the many escorts in Goa who earns an outstanding income of about 10,000 in a week. She mostly meet her clients in 5 star hotels for not more than 3 hours and sometime whole night and leaves with some thousands in her pocket. She sometimes also provides her services overnight in private apartments. She is like other girls and like to spend her money mostly on shopping which all girls likes the most.

    Lavanya is in this industry for 5 years now. She was introduced to us from one of our agent and firstly she tried dirty dancing and she doesn’t liked it much because it was less pleasurable for her, she wants more money and pleasure. So she became a full time escort with us and now she is earning very nice.


    Men are Very Interested in Her


    She is very much willing to meet new people and she is an owner of great attitude. She leaves every man fully satisfied with her sensual services. Having so much experience makes her in great demand in Goa. Some of the regular customers who know her and the Highly Demandable Goa escort agency she is listed in frequently call to book her whenever they visited Goa. First they go for a date with her as she doesn’t looks like a normal escorts at all, she looks like a normal beautiful girl and after the date they would do sex in some hotel or private room. She takes most of the money and a small portion of it goes to the agency. She tells her clients that she works as an escort because the works is easy and she also like it. Even money is good which she will not be paid as good in any other job.


    Lavanya as a Independent Goa Escort


    Lavanya is a professional companion that men can hire short term to provide them companionship whenever they visit Goa. She will be happy to accompany these guys if they need to attend an important event or when they simply want to have someone by their side. A lot of business men need a female companion when they travel for business and she loves business trips. She is aware that it can be very lonely for a man when he has no one to speak to, especially if it is the man’s first time to be in the beautiful city. With her lively personality, Lavanya can turn a boring trip into a great adventure. Being one of the Goa escort, Lavanya is intelligent and smart and is gorgeous from head to toe.

    Being an escort in Goa isn’t always glamorous, Lavanya says. She has met nearly all types of men and they are not the same. Some are too old and smelly and the others are too fat. Some have bad body odor and the others have bad breaths. However, Lavanya doesn’t consider them horrible. They’re actually very nice; they just fail to come up to Lavanya’s level of standard personal hygiene. Many of the clients, though, have great bodies and smell.