AOL Desktop Gold not working. How to fix it?

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    Suppose you are about to attend an important meeting and you need to send an important email to your business partners as soon as you go online you realize AOL gold won’t open. That can be very frustrating for you, even though AOL tries their best give the users of AOL gold an error-free experience all the time. Sometimes it happens when data is lost and AOL freezes and won’t open.

    This article will focus on the AOL Desktop Gold not working issue and provide a quick fix to it. Regardless of the error remember that are in charge and you can contact the AOL desktop gold support number any time you want and get instant help.


    Reasons why AOL desktop Gold not working


    You must remember when it comes to technical problems it is never just one reason for the problem. When you see that AOL Gold desktop is not working you must know there could a number of different reasons for the issue. Well, let us see the common issues occur on AOL gold Desktop.

    • Installation problem, it might be possible that AOL desktop Gold might be interrupted while installing and it was not able to install properly.
    • The other reason could be that it is not compatible with some other application that is installed on this system.
    • It is likely that your computer has been the victim of a virus attack and that is why it is not working.
    • It may be possible that your hard disk may have been damaged and that is why your system is not able to recognize the AOL desktop Gold.

    Well, whatever may be the reason the trained and talented executives at AOL phone will able to diagnose the problem and resolve your issue as soon as possible. But you can try and troubleshoot this problem yourself.


    How to troubleshoot AOL desktop gold not working the issue


    You can take some basic troubleshooting actions to see and try to resolve the issue by yourself. Let’s look at the troubleshooting steps.

    • Run an anti-virus scan and remove the threats.
    • Check to see if you are connected to the internet, if not resolve it.
    • Make sure to follow all the system requirements placed by AOL desktop gold.
    • Remove incompatible programs with AOL Gold.
    • Update AOL Gold to see if the problem is gone.
    • Clear your browser's cache.
    • Disable the firewall and try to launch AOL desktop Gold once again.
    • Restart the computer and clear the RAM.
    • Remove the AOL desktop Gold and install it again.

    IF you have followed all these steps and problem still persists then you can contact AOL tech support number for extensive help from the professional executives.

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