Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire event live broadcast August 7

  • Moonfire Faire will return to Final Fantasy XIV on August 7, 2019. As a lot of players are looking forward to it, it is finally going to return.

    Players must pay special attention to the time, the event date is Wednesday, August 7 at 1 am. At 7:59 am on Monday, August 26, Pacific time.

    If you need to participate, be sure to go to the upper deck Limsa Lominsa and make an appointment with Mayaru Moyaru in advance. Activities include cooking around the beach, completing jump puzzles, and players can start a wonderful journey with their friends and even more fun activities.

    The event items include themed costumes, as well as new furniture designed and produced by the player. More custom links are waiting for the players to unlock. For a full post, search for

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