Albion Online: New search orders and challenge seasons to decid

  • The new season has begun and new prizes have arrived! In the new adventure mission and command season series, you will be able to collect points and unlock exclusive rewards in several different ways.

    The adventurer's mission challenge allows you to earn points in an open world and win exclusive mounts, avatar frames, and furniture. Throughout June, participate in the Cavaliers challenge and win exclusive prizes:

    Johor Bahru: This month's challenge is to have a horse join, holding a spell to Albion Online Silver increase the speed of action, ensuring the integrity of the information, and releasing smoke to keep the enemy in the dust.
    New avatar FRAME: Who can get enough points to participate in the challenge, will get the frame adventure knight incarnation, ring disk challenge, which can give you a noble incarnation aura.
    Seasonal features: The target can be called every month, this process can be unlocked and won the Tomiska Knight, Silver and Furniture Knight.

    Immediately, the order for the new season has already begun! Recommend your friends on Albion Silver Albion Online and win three awards: Racer's Sarcophagus, Tomsick Rekruter's Stack (total value 100,000) and Salamandra Sand Recruiter.

    The current command season continues to provide server services on July 1. Albion Online is available for free here.

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