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Spiral doors for warehouse installations

  • The spiral door is a kind of industrial door. Compared with the traditional translation door and sliding door, the spiral door has much more powerful functions. The spiral door can be controlled by electric energy in the whole process, only need to touch the button, and it can also realize full automation. Compared with the traditional rolling door, the lifting speed of the fast door is nearly ten times higher than that, and the stability of the fast door is much better than that of the traditional rolling door, and the service life is also long. Therefore, the spiral door has been favored by many enterprises and factories. love.

    The spiral door is a new type of metal fast industrial door integrating heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, firmness, high efficiency and wind resistance. The opening speed can reach up to 2.35 meters per second, which is suitable for logistics channels that require frequent and high speed. The thickness of the door panel is 40mm, and the interior is filled with polyurethane insulation material, which has the characteristics of good insulation, light weight, high strength, impact resistance, etc., and the wind resistance level is S12.

    The spiral door can freely customize a variety of transparent acrylic windows, so that indoor and outdoor staff can observe the goods in the warehouse at any time, and the spiral door of SEPPES can independently expand many functions, and can also cooperate with face recognition equipment Improve security and anti-theft performance.