Japanese man shows his love with his silicone doll

  • Just a few days ago, we told you that this young Chinese invited his sex dolls to show the movie "World of Warcraft" in the cinema. Today, the Japanese show his love story through his silicone dolls, making headlines on the web and social networks.

    Considering the theme of eccentricity and illusion being treated by most media, the relationship between the love of the 61-year-old Japanese father and his sex dolls has made many of the advantages of conversations around the world.

    Change the love story of the mindset?
    Because, knowing it, Senji Nakajima is a very happy man today and is in contact with his beautiful silicone doll Soari. This intense and passionate relationship between two lovebirds is the result of years of living together, sharing and loving. According to Senji, his current relationship is not like he is acquiring this beautiful sex doll, and now has more than six years of relationship with his ex-wife. Yes, when Senji bought his couple doll, he was really married.

    However, this relationship between married and traditional couples is not suitable for him, and he is caught in emotional and sexual loneliness. He decided to initially satisfy his needs by offering silicone dolls, his impulses, his sexual fantasies and this painful breakthrough, and then became the woman of his heart.

    A Japanese official advertised his relationship with the doll's silicone.
    I am proud to assume that his relationship is different, and Senji Nakajima does not hesitate to show it with his beautiful silicone creature. All his daily adventures, such as shopping, outings, walks and Saori fully endorse their official relationship as evidenced by the daily postal photos:

    170cm blonde tpe dolls

    Without sand weaving, Senji no longer envisions his own life. As he said: his tpe dolls is not for money, she will never betray him, she has a real personality, enriching her life as a person. In short! A harmonious relationship, full of happiness, many people want to live.

    The love relationship with silicone sex dolls is becoming more and more common in Japan. In Europe, fear of the eyes of others and social judgments do not always be kindly confined to a secret and hidden love story.

    But as the saying goes, let us live happily and hide our lives!

    And you, what do you think of their beautiful love story?

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