How to browse the web on AOL desktop gold

  • AOL desktop has been developed for the users to make it easy for them accessing the internet and browsing the most exciting services on the internet such as video, music, and games. Now you can enjoy these exciting services quite easily. AOL offers you to access your email services along with with the browsing the internet. You can download AOL gold software on your computer and enjoy the services of quality browsing. This blog will help you to process the systematic information on how to browse the web on AOL desktop gold.

    Easy process to browse the internetDownload AOL Gold software

    AOL desktop gold is a user-friendly software that helps you to access the internet easily. It helps you to access internet excitingly. Now follow these steps to access the internet easily:

    • Open your AOL desktop gold software
    • Enter your username and password to sign in
    • In the search bar, you can enter any keyword that you want to search
    • Now click on the magnifying icon next to the typed keyword

    How to process tabbed browsing on AOL desktop gold?

    AOL offers some of the quality services that are meant to serve its users at a greater extent. Now you can enjoy the tabbed internet surfing on AOL desktop gold by following these steps:

    • When you type anything on the search bar and enter you can open a single tab
    • Now AOL allows you to open a new tab by simply clicking on the + icon.
    • Once you click on the + icon, a new tab will open along with your previous tab.
    • By clicking the + icon again and again, you can open multiple tabs at the same time
    • Then you can close them by simply clicking on the x icon

    This process will allow you to access multiple tabs at the same time and help you to browse the internet in a faster way. Now if you don’t want to get disturbed by the multiple tabs and don’t need to surf in the multiple tabs you can close this option with these steps:

    • You have to go into the AOL settings
    • Then find the browser option there
    • Now you have to select “Tabs in a new window” option
    • And close the window

    After these settings every time you try to open a new tab, it will open a new window. These make you easy to access the internet on AOL desktop gold. So now you can easily get to know the process of internet browsing on AOL and get the amusing benefits if you downnload How to Install AOL Gold desktop latest version on your computer.  


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