Credit Card Factoring

  • There is a very distinctive answer for clients who need a speedy way of obtaining capital. It's called credit card factoring.

    The truth facing small business owners today is that conventional lenders are toughening the requirements needed to obtain cash for their business. Over 90% of all small business owners can not get money from bankers. There are many reasons including length of time in business, lack of collateral, and the owner's poor credit just to name a few.

    Let's explore a distinctive resolution for business owners who need money quickly. One merchant financing strategy for successful businesses may be the very best cash management strategy for obtaining needed funds. The utilization of a credit card factoring program or credit card receivables funding program.

    For any business owner that accepts credit cards as a method of payment, a credit card factoring program is a serious business financing tool that is often overlooked. Credit card factoring advances are based on the company's future credit card sales. A credit card factoring advance allows a business owner to get a large sum of cash quickly, without incurring any additional debt. The business owner is selling an asset, not taking on additional debt. Some of the key advantages of credit card factoring funding are: short application process, 48 hour approvals, cash in 5-7 working days and very little documentation needed. Characteristically a merchant can obtain between $5,000 and $1,000,000 per location. The amount depends on their average monthly sales volume.

    You can you use the money for almost anything related to your business. The re-payment of the advance occurs repeatedly through the credit card processor, which sends the funding company a fixed predetermined percentage from each credit card swipe. speedy cash near me This seamless integration of processing and ease of obtaining quick cash is a natural fit and an obvious benefit to businesses that can not acquire traditional funding from banks.

    As you can see, credit card factoring advances may be the very best working capital strategy for obtaining needed cash for your business. This is a vital financing tool that should not be disregarded.

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    Dan Ollman is President of Crown Financial Services. Crown Financial Services is a proud member of the American Cash Flow Association, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau. They provide working capital to businesses by purchasing a small portion of their future credit card sales.

    Crown Financial Services helps you turn your future credit card sales ] into cash. We provide small business cash advances for merchants who currently have credit card processing. You can get a cash advance on future credit card sales with a merchant account cash advance loan. Merchant account financing, also called credit card receivable factoring, is an excellent alternative to restaurant loans and other business loans.