Magic Legends: Every Level Confirmed by the Creators

  • Magic: Legends Just released the new trailer of the game. The trailer raised the expectation of gamers up to sky-high. Here is the list of levels and everything about them that the creators confirmed.

    The game Magic: Legends is the next installment of the game Magic: The Gathering. The game Magic: Legends is in its early stage of trial runs. Still, players are getting restless, and as the cherry, on the top, the trailer of the game is released as players of the previous installment of the games are becoming anxious to know how it will be used the gathered pieces of Wheel of Color.

    This game is going to provide a handful of the option in classes to master in the game. This game is going to provide an opportunity for Co-op gameplay to have its own and distinctive mechanism. Yet these mechanics come in harmony to create a life-altering gaming experience.

    Creators of the game announced on the site, "There will be going to be 5 Classes for the Players." They are teasing the fans by only revealing the information on the first two classes.

    There is speculation that the 5 classes will be connected to the 5 colors of the wheel, collected in the previous chapter of the game. There is hope that Hybrid and Colorless classes will be introduced in the upcoming game. If everything goes in the right direction as planned with the DLC and other patches, there could be additional artifact classes in the game.

    The Blue Planes-walkers: The Mind Mage

    As per the name, Mind Mage anthropomorphizes higher and subtle Intellect. The character planeswalker has the psychic power, which they use against the enemies in the battle, without any physical harm to themselves. In battle, they can use their telekinetic powers to lock down enemies, turn allies to enemies, or make them sleep. These abilities are up to the level of blue magic. This ability gives fans a strong idea about the strength of this Class. It is hard to distinguish that blue Class is inspired by the Jace Beltran (the best Planewalker amongst them all).

    The Red Planeswalkers: The Geomancer

    Geomancer has the capabilities to attack the enemies from the power gained by Earth (Hot Lava or Stone attack). They also have the absorbing power, which makes them different from all other planeswalkers. Fans of aggressive Class will prefer this Class over than others. The level of capabilities of geomancers matches the level of the Red portion of the color wheel. Yet this Class is full of hot head characters, but still, not everyone is battle freak as others (yet a large portion of this class characters are).

    Note: Information about the rest is not confirmed about the color. From here on, the speculation will take place on the basis of the Card Game.

    White Planeswalker

     These characters have the calling abilities of small legions and healing abilities. The small legion can be helpful in the case of providing safe passage of angle and power in any fight. Some of the white planeswalkers involve Elspeth and Gideon.

    Green Planeswalkers

    It is somewhat safe to predict that these planeswalkers will gain their power with nature, trees, and animals around them. These characters have a pretty good attachment to the beasts. Same as the White once Green magic has the ability to heal. So there is the possibility that there will be a little number of self-healing capabilities.

    Black Planeswalkers:

    The MTG fans speculated that these characters would rely mainly on the connection with self-harming techniques and the graveyard to maximize the damaging capabilities. There is no certainty but more chances that they will be played as the warlock or the necromancers'.

    There are a lot of missing pieces. So there is no certainty that there will be no more additional changes and surprises for the players. But that all will change when the invites start for the testing of the beta version of the game. This game is created for PCs, XBOX, and PS4.

    Till the invites come fans of the game can use the pre-release event of Theros: Beyond the Death form the Magic: Arena. The sets are officially be released next week.

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