GGG Announces Path of Exile Mobile Will Return to Original Exp


    Bringing PC games to mobile platforms is an adventurous task. The promotion is a bit high-profile, but I don't know what effect it will bring. Remember the immortal rebound in Diablo earlier this year? you can get more favorable game items including POE Currency from

    Grinding Gear Games is well aware of this fiasco and announced the introduction of the popular Way of Exile free role-playing RPG games to mobile phones. This game called the Path of Exile was originally developed in-house. As the studio said, the game will not have microtransactions and pay-to-win elements features. In short, The Path of Exile Mobile Edition will bring the core Path of Exile games to your phone simply and easily.

    ExileCon's Grinding Gear Games announced the Path of Exile last week. The studio jokingly called Trevor Gramon "Mobile Fall Guy". The trailer also shows a short game demo that gives us some idea of ?what's going to can Buy POE Currency on with fast delivery.

    The introduction of Grinding Gear Games co-founder Jonathan Rogers shows that The Path of Exile will get rid of the annoying mobile gaming boom, such as micro-transactions, time gates, video ads, notifications, and paid to win structures "evil garbage". More importantly, the game was developed in-house by the team that co-developed with the first Path of Exile game and its successor, Path of Exile 2.

    Grinding Gear Games emphasized that Path of Exile is an original game tailored for smartphones.