I played Dofus Kamas as a child likely the last

  • I played Dofus Kamas as a child likely the last couple of years wakfu on/off and I played with, I am wondering if me and my friend should leap into Dofus playing 4 chars each. Whats Dofus classic, should we perform that? Any thoughts are useful, thanks.Honestly in a turn based game such as this I would rather play multiple characters. Just how many do I along with my friend need for a complete group for all content? I see 4 is run by a few people today however I believed max party size was 8?

    But if you're not especially nostalgic, then you should definitely play Dofus 2.0, which will be better in many aspect. If you go as a team that I do not know which server is better, but if you play on only 1 account, you should go on Illyzael (server just mono-account). Dofus remains great. You need to hop on, if you are on the fence. I played Echo (multi accounts server) for quite a while, but recently switched to mono-server. Both are great for different reasons.

    Play on Dofus 2.0. It is much better balanced. Dofus retro is for all those wanting to fulfill their own nostalgia, imo.4 characters each is going to be a great deal. If you guys play together that is 8 complete, which is a slew of characters running around. Some individuals are totally fine with this. But I've discovered that doing that can lead to burnout. You're better off playing with buy Kamas Dofus Retro 2 each for a group of 4. Also certain duo's can do any dungeon from the Dofus game (such as Iop+Elio). That's only my personal taste. If you won't get burnt out by it, then not anything wrong with 4 conducting.