I must say its one of my fav MMOs right now.

  • Im loving MS, there is only a single thing in Maple Mobile Mesos the game thats and that is the little cap on dungeons. Its really bothers me ive made 3 characters from the looks of it surely will need to still make longer to advance quickly because Its only takes me 3 times to completely run out of dungeons at this pace and by the looks of it ailing need at least 5 characters. And walking 5 characters through the story line is tedious. I do reaally enjoy the post story stuff the gold quest are enjoyable and simple to find a fast 250k on each personality and dungeons are easy and progress your personality. . However, I wish I could just do as many dungeons as I want in my one character and not need 5 characters to advance rather. ?

    I have so far been playing with MS for just under 2 weeks and I must say its one of my fav MMOs right now. Distributing the performance issues that may happen because of optimisation there hasn't been a dull moment for me yet (besides the time where I fail from +7 to +8 enchatment 6 times in a row) the matches feels enjoyable with plenty of content for its launch and there is more end game content planning to arrive too that I can not wait for. Indefinitely its the guild system that's been keeping me and intrested im at a really busy guild (which can be formed of two other guilds) with approximately 150+ of us with our own discord host and everything. Being able to perform dungeon runs as a guild creates the grind feel a lot less grindy in the sense you could grind for hours and hours and be tired of it since you've guild mates to chat to. ?

    Have not watched the movie, but I'm playing with MS nevertheless. MS1 was a very huge experience in my youth; as somebody who relied completely about being F2P, eventually getting to level 200 and 5th occupation was an accomplishment enough for me to slowly stop playing it (Reboot was pretty much F2P all around, so I was sort of forced to function this way. The pets were likely the exclusion, as with them, you can not actually pick up hordes of things while in your grinding sessions). I am hoping to stay F2P in MS, by wasting of my precious time on this match and I do not care if I become a mega virgin. That final line was kind of an exaggeration, but I am likely to be more casual this time around and play with my buddies, who I've successfully bandwagoned to Buy MaplestoryM Mesos be mesmerized for MS. ?