As of this moment, the Maple 2 has only promotions.

  • And don't get me started on all the Heroes! Aran who had been literally a combo maker with distinct pike abilities, Evan with his dragon mount and abilities, Shade who joined skills and movement skills to Maplestory M Mesos really have a very natural flow of combat unlike Aran who constantly had to wind his damage up. Then you had the treesMages deviated into specializations, as did warriors, as did thieves, as did EVERYONE. As of this moment, the Maple 2 has only promotions. You know just how many Maple 1 needed? 6. Six goddamn job advancements. You'd say the courses at screen here is due to the game's era but may I remind you that Maple 2 has been out for way? Out of what folks enjoyed in Maple 1 there ought to be a lesson learned, this really isn't it. Even watching your footage reel it is painfully obvious how little care has been spent making the classes different. Some of the abilities are shared with other classes. Very idle.

    Most of the controls are very poor from the get go, but the controls ARE remappable so I guess that is not as big of a point. Combat iself feels extremely stale to me. Like I said earlier everything pre lv50 is basically equal in terms of DPS and the sport is not that hard by itself anyhow. The mobs are either steamrolled by you on your own or you curbstomb them harder with various players . Bosses are on but will become a bit more interesting. A lot of enjoyment of fighting with these guys comes from the dungeon they are set up in and their backstory, but Maple 2's just doesn't allow for this.

    Like you mentioned the display becomes a mess, it is no blue screen of death, but a few of my buddies also report a drop in FPS. I also feel like they have fucked up their own stamina/soul system (I'm aware both are distinct ). If you reside in 1 place and spam EVEN through bossfigths, 1 skill, chances are you never run from spirit. It (alongside endurance ) replenishes absurdly quickly, and the majority of the time that the orbs you're supposed to go out of your way to pick up only spawn right along with you!

    Dungeons are disappointing in Maple 2. Granted, they were not good in 1 , but the option to Maple M Mesos make the waiting room a tower you get teleported to already heckles it a piece for me. There is also setup for them early on, such as the one you just stumble upon in your quest to find Lennon. Apart from that, the Dungeons were for me personally . They are really linear, but that is not really what it's about. It's fun but it can also be done so what is the point?