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Cargo Van Refrigeration Units For Sale


    How to Choose the Best Van Refrigeration Unit?

    Getting a van refrigeration unit for your refrigerated shipping service should be fairly easy these days. However, for customers in the refrigerated transportation industry, it is very necessary for users to know what kind of product you really need to transport, so it is very necessary for users to choose and install the van refrigeration unit correctly.

    Goods or commodities transported

    Before deciding which type of van cooling unit you need, please understand the product’s
    The type of transportation can be more specifically selected according to the type of product to be transported.

    Temperature range to be used

    Buyers should know the temperature range of the product to be transported, so as to ensure that the product can be kept at the same temperature consistently from the origin to the destination during the transportation process.

    Installation method
    Generally speaking, the installation method of van refrigerators is usually top installation, but according to the appearance of your model, we will also provide the bottom installation method of van refrigerators for your model.

    The volume or weight of transported goods

    In some cases, when you transport refrigerated products with large weight, you need van refrigerators with large cooling capacity. kingclima can recommend suitable van refrigerators according to your transported products.

    PS: As a supplier of van refrigeration units, it can effectively help users through the above by recommending the perfect design to meet the needs of refrigerated transportation.