Asian Games, India’s ‘10,000 Archers’ are Coming

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    인도, 컴파운드 금메달 5개 '싹쓸이'… 리커브도 '최강' 한국 양궁 위협

    [Asian Games] India’s ‘10,000 Archers’ are Coming… Will the ‘Strongest’ Korean Archery Pose a Threat?



    Sweeping 5 compound gold medals… Korea takes first place in archery rankings

    Compound archery, which was adopted as an official event at the Asian Games starting in the 2014 Incheon Games, was a medal field for Korea along with recurve.

    Korea won two gold medals and two silver medals at the Incheon Games, where four gold medals were at stake. 온라인카지노사이트

    At the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, where the number of events was reduced to three, two gold medals and one silver medal were won.

    Ahead of the 2022 Hangzhou Games, the compound national team set a goal of 'sweeping' five gold medals.

    However, India cruelly destroyed Korea's dream.

    India, who surprised the world archery world by winning three gold medals and one bronze medal in the compound event at the 2023 Berlin World Championships held in August, took all five gold medals in the compound event at this Asian Games.

    In particular, she won against Korea in the men's team final, mixed team final, and women's individual final.

    India appears to have emerged as Asia's leading country in compound archery.

    India's upward trend is also noticeable in recurve.

    At the Jakarta and Palembang competitions, India failed to produce a single recurve medalist.

    However, in Hangzhou, they won a silver medal in the men's team event and a bronze medal in the women's team event.

    India, which won five gold medals in the compound event alone, ranked first in the overall medal rankings in archery at this tournament, beating Korea, which won four gold medals in the recurve event.

    It has been 45 years since the 1978 Bangkok Games that Korea lost the top spot to another country in the archery medal rankings.

    The rapid development of archery in India is the result of a solid elite training system based on a wide base starting to function properly.

    According to the Indian Archery Association, in India, which boasts a population of 1.4 billion, there are as many as 10,000 registered archery athletes.

    This number is approximately four times the number of registered players in Korea, which is 2,375.

    The Indian Archery Association, which has abundant human resources, has established a pyramid-type escalation system to discover talented individuals who can compete in the Olympics.

    It is divided into a total of 10 levels, from the lowest level, a hobbyist who only enjoys archery as a hobby, to the highest level, an elite athlete.

    The base education center, divided into four regions across the country, strictly manages the grades of archery clubs and registered players.

    Sanjiva Kumar Singh, head of the Indian Archery Association's technical committee said, "We are discovering promising talent from the grassroots and nurturing them into top players, and they are improving their skills by competing in a pyramid rating system.

    Currently, there are 10,000 registered players, this number is increasing,” he said.

    Chairman Singh continued, "We have won many medals this time in compound, but recurve, which is an Olympic sport, is also very important. Now, Indian archery has come close to Korea's level. Our goal is to

    surpass Korea in Paris next year.

    We are confident “There is,” he said emphatically.

    The confidence of Indian archers, who achieved the best results of all time, is sky-high.

    Oyas Praveen Deotale, who won the men's compound triple gold medal, said, "Our ultimate goal is the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics (where compound may become an official event)," and added, "We will continue to maintain a good momentum." said.

    “Indian archery has become stronger as we have received full support from the government, associations, and private organizations.

    Thanks to that, we have been able to win many medals at the Asian Games,” said Jyoti Surekha Bennam, winner of three gold medals in women’s compound.

    ”This achievement is a testament to Indian archery.”

    “It will be a great source of nourishment.”