How Can I Transfer Norton 360 to New Computer

  • Norton being a powerful antivirus software, enables its users to protect their device from unwanted malware and viruses. So, if you are already using Norton 360 and now want to transfer it to your new device, then you have landed on the right blog. Follow these steps below to know how you can transfer Norton 360 successfully to a new computer without facing any trouble. And, if you do not want to follow these steps, then you can simply have words with technical executives at norton phone number to get the best technical assistance whenever you want.  


    Steps to Transfer Norton 360 to New Computer:-


    Step 1: The very first step you will need to do is ‘Sign In’ to Norton 360 software.

    Step 2: Go to the ‘My Norton’ option and click on ‘View Devices/Review Devices’ under the ‘Device Security’ option.

    Step 3: The third step which you need to do is to identify the device that you no longer want to protect in the ‘Device Security’ page. 

    Step 4: If you fail to see the device, click on the ‘History’ link present at the bottom of your device list to see your older inactive devices.

    Step 5: Click the ‘Ellipse’ icon available below the device.

    Step 6: Click the ‘Manage License’ option in the menu that appears on the screen.

    Step 7:  In the ‘Manage Device’ page, under the option ‘What Would You Like to Do,’ select ‘Remove Norton,’ and then hit ‘Next.’

    Step 8: In the ‘Remove Norton’ window that appears, hit ‘Yes.’

    Step 9: To transfer Norton 360 to your new device, click ‘Send Link.’

    Step 10: Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation. 


    If you get stuck in between any of these steps, feel free to contact tech professionals at norton tech support number The experts are accessible 24x7 and will listen and resolve all your queries in no time.


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