Manufacturing License for Weight and Measurement: Inspection

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    Manufacturing License for Weight and Measurement: Inspection


    To ascertain if a package complies with provisions of the Legal Metrology Manufacturingmanu
    License rules in all respects, the Controller of the Legal Metrology is empowered to inspect the
    packages. He can also carry out the tests at the Manufacturer’s premises. In case the
    Manufacturer is not the packer, then the facility where he carries out such examination, he can
    draw samples from such packages. The manner of Inspection and its number are specified in the
    Fifth Schedule. The tests must be carried out in accordance with the specified methods in the
    Sixth Schedule of the Legal Metrology Act.


    Datasheet for Inspection to the licensed Manufacturer


    Anyone from the Director, Controller or Legal Metrology Officer can carry out the tests and
    obtain the signature of the Manufacturing Certificate holder or his authorized agent. In the
    absence of both, the authorized person can refuse to affix such signature with the signature of a
    competent witness. At last, he must submit a copy of the data sheet containing the result to the


    Report Submission to the licensed Manufacturer


    On completing the examination, the Director or the Controller can make a report indicating his
    findings about the declarations. He must also mention the net quantity contained in the sample
    packages. He must also inform the extent of the error noticed by him and then furnish a copy of
    the report to the Manufacturer.


    Declaration on the Manufactured Packages


    The statistical average of the net quantity contained in the manufactured packages drawn as
    samples is lesser than the declared quantity on the packages or the affixed labels.


    Error Deficiency in Manufactured Packages


    Suppose the package shows an error in deficiency. In that case, the Director /Controller can take
    out, as a practicable, fresh samples as requested by the holder of Manufacturing License in India
    or his authorized agent. They can also carry out new tests following the provisions. If fresh tests
    are made, then the Legal Metrology Officer can collect a fee of Rs. 2500 for carrying out fresh
    tests. These fresh tests are carried out, but no package contained in the lot previously tested can
    be sold/distributed by the Manufacturer unless the provisions of sub-rule 5 & 6 are complied
    with by the Manufacturer.


    Non-Conformation to the LMPC Regulations


    The test are carried out successfully. If it is found that the manufactured package does not
    conform to any of the LMA Act’s provisions. Insuch cases, the Manufacturing License
    Certificate holder must check the packages contained in the lot. He must also pick out from the
    lot the packages which conform to all the Act’s provisions and rules.


    In case of Conformation


    Suppose Controller or Legal Metrology Officer is satisfied with the picked packages by the
    Manufacturer & it conforms to all the provisions of the Act. In that case, he will authorize the
    following actions for such manufactured packages:

     Sale
     Distribution
     Delivery

    In case of Non-Conformation


    If, after the pick-up check, the Manufacturer found any package not conforming to any of the
    Act’s provisions. In such cases, package must not be sold, distributed, or delivered. Instead, they
    must be repacked, re-processed, or relabeled in accordance with the provisions of the Legal Metrology Registration Act.


    Testing Rules of the Packages manufactured by a
    Certification Licensee


    The Director/Controller can approve packages for sale if the results of the tests are found to be
    any of the following:

     Statistical Average of the net quantity in the packages is equal to the quantity declared on the package/label
     Extent of error deficiency in sample packages does not exceed the permissible error limit
     Manufactured Package bears the required declarations to be made as per LMPC rules

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