Seeking out VNO License consultants for procuring License in In

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    Before understanding what is meant to be a Virtual Network Operator or VNO License consultant in India, let us first focus on what it means to be a VNO in India. 


    What is VNO?


    A Virtual Network Operator or a VNO is a Virtual Internet Service Provider. He is an Internet Service reseller with services redirected from a tangible ISP circuit. A VNO provides only management services to the subscribers as it does not own telecommunication infrastructure. 


    Need for a Virtual Network Operator in India

    VNO are termed virtual networks because they do not possess any actual network while offering network services to customers. VNO networks lease bandwidth from various TSPs. They purchase bandwidths at wholesale rates to provide internet solutions to their customers. 

    Many Businesses serve as authentic VNOs in the Telecommunications market in India. Firms such as Plintron, Adpay and BSNL took over the VNO business in India in July of 2018. 


    M-VNO License in India


    The Mobile Virtual Network Operator  or MVNO serves as an INternet Service dispenser on cellular technology. They offer a remote server station virtual network services to their service subscribers in India. The DoT has recently made an effort to mainstream such technologies in the Telecom Market of India. 


    Benefits of having a UL-VNO License in India


    The benefits for gaining the VNO license from the DoT in India are as follows: 

    • The VNO operations ar cost-effective in comparison to the ISPs

    • Their network infrastructure is less complex than ISPs

    • VNOs does not require much marketing 

    • Since it operates virtually, the CAPEX requirement is low

    • It offer great flexibility to its subscribing businesses


    Why must you seek VNO Consulting Services in India?


    If you are a VNO business aspirant, and wants to indulge in trading and reselling of the Telecom Services of existing ISPs in the Telecom Domain, then first you must get the requisite VNO or more properly, UL-VNO license from the Department of Telecommunications. The UL acronym here stands for the Unified License. It is a group of Telecom Licensing offered under legal permit. 


    But as we all know, the registration procedure with any Government Authority has many ffs and buts. These legal roadblocks hinder many potential Telcos to realize their dream of becoming a foremost VNO or other Telecom Service Provider. Therefore, these aspiring Businesses subscribe to the consulting services of the Telecom or more exclusively, VNO consultants. VNO Consultants are dedicated Telecom Business Consultancy Firms that aid the aspiring Telcos in getting the requisite UL-VNO license from the DoT. 


    Such Consultancy Agencies are well-versed with the legal procedures and filing compliances with the Authority. Their Team of Legal Professionals can make you sail through the entire VNO license registration procedure with the Telecom Authorities. 


    Why opt for Registrationwala’s VNO License Consulting services?


    After making you understand the importance of VNO licensing Consultancies in India, let us brief you on our procedure in filing the VNO license application with the DoT on our client’s behalf. 


    Registrationwala: Cost- and Time-Effective in its Service Provisions 


    Most people don't like to pay the enormous professional VNO License cost. This is the benefit of coming to a premier services provider for VNO License in India. Registrationwala charges only a nominal amount from the VNO License Consulting Services. 


    At such a low VNO licensing fee, the aspirants can get the ISP license on time without any legal roadblocks, all because of the aid of our VNO license consultants. This is the reason why we are so confident in our service provisions. Just try to connect with us, and rest all is with us. 

    Leave the matter to our UL certification consultants. Just visit our official portal to check out our offers.


    We know that it takes courage to move ahead in a complex business environment as a VNO. We are just a gentle but needed push in making you soar in the VNO markets. 


    To know more about the Unified License agreements, or the VNO License fee, connect with the Telecom Experts at Registrationwala.