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    Indian television serials, also known as "saas-bahu" serials, have long been a staple of the country's entertainment industry. These soap operas, which typically air on weekday evenings and tell ongoing stories of family drama, romance, and intrigue, have a huge following in India and around the world.

    One of the defining features of Indian television serials is their length. Many of these shows run for several years, with hundreds or even thousands of episodes. This allows the writers to explore complex storylines and character arcs in great detail and also gives the audience a chance to become deeply invested in the lives of the characters.

    Another characteristic of Indian television serials is their focus on family dynamics. Many of these shows centre around the relationships between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law (hence the nickname "saas-bahu" serials), as well as the relationships between siblings, cousins, and other relatives. The conflicts and tensions that arise within these familial relationships often form the core of the show's drama.

    In addition to exploring relationships within families, Indian television serials also often touch on social and cultural issues. These shows can tackle topics such as arranged marriage, dowries, gender roles, and more, and they often offer commentary on the state of society in India.

    Despite their popularity, Indian television serials have faced criticism for their depiction of women. Many of these shows feature female characters who are portrayed as manipulative, scheming, or overly emotional, and this has led some viewers to criticise the shows for perpetuating negative stereotypes about women.

    Despite these criticisms, Indian television serials remain a beloved part of the country's entertainment landscape. With their compelling storylines, multi-dimensional characters, and exploration of social issues, these shows continue to captivate audiences across the globe.