Anyang 54 school facilities to be opened by city hall, school b

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    안양시 54개 학교 시설 개방 협약식

    Anyang City, Gyeonggi-do, signed a business agreement with the Anyang Gwacheon Education Support Agency, the Anyang City Sports Association, and 54 elementary, middle, and high schools in the city on June 6 to activate the opening of school facilities.

    Anyang City's 54 school facility opening agreement ceremony

    Held at the Anyang Gwacheon Education Support Center's 3rd floor conference room, the agreement ceremony was attended by Anyang Mayor Choi Max-ho, Anyang Gwacheon Education Support Center Superintendent Go Ah-young, Anyang City Sports Association President Park Gui-jong, and principals of 54 participating schools (25 elementary schools, 16 middle schools, and 13 high schools), including Gwanyang Elementary School.

    Anyang City has been promoting business agreements for the mutual benefit of local residents and schools since the end of COVID-19, as physical education has rapidly expanded and residents' demands to open schools with sports fields and gymnasiums have been constantly raised.

    Under the agreement, schools will actively open school facilities such as playgrounds and gymnasiums to residents, while Anyang City and other partner organizations will provide administrative and financial support for the opening of facilities.

    The city will provide public operating expenses to schools that open their facilities, and will give them points when judging educational expenses subsidies.

    The Anyang City Sports Association will be responsible for one-on-one matching of schools and clubs, designation of a facility management officer (one club member), and user training for the use of school facilities.

    Anyang Gwacheon Education Support Agency will provide various administrative support related to the opening of school facilities.

    In order to actively support healthy physical education activities for local residents, the city plans to promote a second business agreement with schools that did not participate in this first business agreement by the first half of next year.

    "We will actively support schools to open their facilities so that local residents and schools can coexist and develop together," said Anyang Mayor Max Ho. "We will strive to make this agreement an exemplary case of each organization working together for the benefit of local residents." 슬롯