'Let's see who's the strongest in park golf' Hwacheon Seo with

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    화천군 '전국 부부 파크골프대회', 11일 개막

    Hwacheon County Sancheon-ri Park Golf Course

    Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province, which is fast becoming the center of park golf in Korea, will host the final showdown of the year to determine the top male and female park golfers.

    The Hwacheon County Sports Association will start the qualifying tournament for the 2023 National Park Golf Championships on May 10 at Hwacheon Sancheon-er Park Golf Course No. 1 and 2.

    More than 1,500 participants will compete in five rounds of intense qualifiers through the 22nd, following the first round on the 10th.

    They will then compete in a two-day final round on the 30th to be crowned king.

    As befits the title of the King of Kings, the male and female winners will receive 10 million won each.

    The runner-up and third-place prizes are 5 million won and 3 million won, respectively, for a total prize pool of 53 million won.

    Hwacheon County has hosted several large-scale competitions this year, including the 2023 Hwacheon Sancheon National Park Golf Festival and the nation's only husband-and-wife park golf tournament.

    The county has been actively marketing park golf to boost its contribution to the local economy by offering free rounds to guests staying in the area.

    "Hwacheon is clearly becoming the center of park golf in Korea," said Choi Moon-soon on the 6th, "and we will do our best to establish park golf as a new growth engine for the region's future." 19가이드03