Korea's No. 7 Ahn wins second title in 11 years at Mungyeong Sa

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    안성준(왼쪽) 9단이 박상진 7단을 꺾고 문경새재배에서 우승했다.

    Park Jong-wook and Lee Chul-joo, both men's seniors, won their respective events.

    Ahn Sung-joon (left), 9th dan, defeated Park Sang-jin, 7th dan, to win the Mungyeong Bird Cultivation.

    Korean Go player Ahn Sung-jun (32), ranked seventh in the world, has won the Mungyeong Saejaejang National Go Tournament.

    Ahn defeated Park Sang-jin (22) 7th dan in 264 moves in the open final of the 16th Mungyeong Saejang National Go Championship at the Mungyeong Indoor Gymnasium in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, on Friday afternoon.

    It was Ahn's second career title in 11 years, after winning the 2012 Korea Go Championship.

    Park Sang-jin, considered the next big thing, 카지노사이트랭크 tried to win his first title since joining the organization in 2015, but was unable to break through Ahn's barrier.

    Mungyeong Bird Farming Championship - Runners-up

    In the accompanying Amateurs final, Park Jong-wook defeated Kim Jung-sun, while Lee Chul-joo defeated Choi Ho-chul to win the senior men's title.

    Yoo Soo-hwan took first place in the secondary school and Shim Hyo-joon (Donggyo Elementary School 6) in the elementary school.

    In its 16th year, Mungyeong Bird Cultivation has significantly increased its total budget to 200 million won.

    In particular, the prize money for the open strongest division was increased to 30 million won, which attracted 184 professional knights from Korea.

    Japan also attracted attention with five professional knights and one amateur participating. 섯다