Poco CRM-- Salesforce CRM.

  • given below are the main features which you get in poco crm leading name in salesforce crm.

    All corporations create several guarantees however only 1 company fulfills all of your demand and the name of that company is poco CRM. Gain complete visibility of your sales cycle. Align sales efforts along with your business methods and objectives. however free CRM does not have several options that paid sales and Best CRM APP to have.


    • Leads & Opportunities management

    • Accounts & Contacts management

    • Distributor & Retailer Management

    • Follow-ups and Reminder

    • Order Booking (Mobile edition)

    • Primary & Secondary Sales Tracking

    • Daily Activities & Schedule of a sales person

    • Simple Data Import and Export

    • Daily Call Reports

    • Foot Route Plan (FRP)

    • GPS Location Tracking(Mobile edition)

    • Quotation management

    • Customized Reporting

    • Visual Sales Funnel

      Source- https://pococrm.tumblr.com/post/187977877211/poco-crm-salesforce-crm