The Internet Killed The MLM Business Model

  • The Internet Killed The MLM Business Model

    "The Inter Killed The MLM Business Model"

    I know this may sound like a bald statement, and honestly, I don't think that the internet actually "killed" the multi-level marketing business model, but it certainly redefined it in many ways. Let's go into depths with that, and try to learn what did changed in the MLM business model and/or what needs to change, since online advertising and marketing has been integrated into many network marketers' business plan.

    If you're a network marketer, and you just got started, or you already have a solid customers base and downline, do you think the internet could actually help you build your business or would the internet make it more difficult for you?

    There are many ways to see this, and for my part i believe that the internet somewhat killed the MLM business model as we know it, and if the internet didn't kill it, it certainly made it more profitable for the people that knows how to use it. The internet offers endless possibilities, it is a 24/7 marketplace and  millions (or should i say billions) of people are clicking on webpages every single day.

    With that said, why would someone use the internet to promote his or her business opportunity?

    Of course there are multiple reasons for not promoting your business on the internet, here are some examples:

    - Your company doesn't want you to

    - You don't know how to do it

    - You don't want to go through the learning curve

    - You are not yet convinced that it would be profitable to you

    - You are afraid of all the scams on the internet

    - How to train your downline if they live far from you?

    - Any other reason is actually a good reason

    Now let's take a look at some reasons why you should seriously consider promoting your MLM business opportunity and products using the internet.

    First, It cost almost nothing to build a website or blog, and you probably already have a website (from your company), which can be seen by thousands of people from all around the globe day and night, and you would also cut your expenses. Think about it for a second, how much do you spend on a weekly or monthly basis to meet people and do those meetings?

    Typical meeting example:

    You go for a coffee with your new prospect, get in your car and drive to that coffee-shop, you also grab something to eat on your way, oh and don't forget to print the documents you will need before you leave. The total cost per month if you do, let's say, from 4 to 6 presentations per week can easily be in the couple hundreds of dollars. Of course if you do all those meetings and presentations, it surely means your business is growing.


    What if you could cut the time you spend on your MLM business and meetings by half?

    In the end, MLM is simply your vehicle, on your way to financial freedom...

    Are the prospects you meet pre-qualified before you leave the house?

    Do they know what MLM is and if they do, are they interested in starting their own business?

    You know, using the internet you can set up advertising campaigns that will run for you 24/7/365. And if you carefully choose who you target with those ads, the people who will contact you will be pre-qualified. I'm not talking about having people running to you with their credit cards in hand, it doesn't work that way. But the internet can make your business grow exponentially, just like that. In a matter of hours, you could have new prospects coming to you, new customers, more sales, more money in your pocket and you could cut your expenses. How does that sound?

    I am not saying that the "old-school" way of doing MLM is bad or doesn't work, i know many many people who are extremely successful doing it this way. But if take into account the number of people using the internet, there is no doubts you can reach way more people than by doing those home-meetings and 1-on-1 presentations. Why not combine traditional MLM, and online advertising? You could end up with a faster growing business.

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    Jonathan-C. Phillips is an independent entrepreneur (mlm) for Immunotec Research based in Canada. He is also an online marketer and advertiser, and runs many websites and blogs. Contact him via his