How many years have the rivers and mountains been blown by stro

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    When Cheng Xiaoliu first arrived in the capital for a month, he scraped the land up and down the capital carefully, and even looked inside the imperial gate, but he did not find his parents and brothers anywhere. Cheng Hsiao-liu was very sad, and Song Zhuge took two lines from his poem: "When I walk to the end of the water, I sit and watch the clouds rise." Make a lot to coax him. Of course, it is impossible for Cheng Xiaoliu to understand the Zen meaning of Wang Mojisheng's self-awareness. Zhuge of the Song Dynasty only said that God's will was not to be forced, and that there was an opportunity ahead. He explained the other things differently. Cheng Xiaoliu asked again, Song Zhuge rambled, Cheng Xiaoliu listened to the block, put the sign under the pillow to sleep for two nights, the knot in his heart is getting bigger and bigger. Finally, on the fourth day, Cheng Hsiao-liu got up at dawn and patted the door of Liu Tieh-tsui's room. Ku Hsiao-liu, who was sleeping in a daze, came to open the door, swearing. Cheng Hsia-liu bumped his head into it and directly touched the edge of Liu Tieh-tsui's bed. He pulled one of Liu's trouser legs, which had just touched the floor, and knelt down: "Mr. Liu,Inflatable meltdown, please teach me how to read." Liu Tiezui touched his beard and said, "Good." But Liu Tieh-tsui said, "It's hard to study. Can you afford to eat?" Cheng Hsiao-liu patted his chest and said, "Of course." From then on, the person who was blocked in his heart was replaced by Gu Xiaoyao. The person who asks Mr. Liu is Cheng Xiaoliu, and the one who guarantees is also Cheng Xiaoliu. Why do you want to read with him when you study? However, Gu Xiaoyao made no less effort to learn to read than Cheng Xiaoliu. If Cheng Xiaoliu doesn't know the words he knows,Inflatable bouncer, isn't it a disgrace to Toad Village? Liu Tiezui tells stories during the day, lights a lamp at night to teach them how to read, and arranges calligraphy lessons for them to do during the day. There were several piles of waste paper for practicing big characters by the side of the cooking stove, and the three-character classics were thoroughly familiar with hundreds of family names, and I learned a few Tang poems. One day, Liu Tiezui threw two new books in front of Gu Xiaoyi and Cheng Xiaoliu, hung a portrait in the middle hall, and asked them to kowtow to the portrait. "Which immortal is going to kowtow?" Asked Ku Hsiao-yao. Liu Tiezui said, "This is a sage, not an immortal. He is the master of all the scholars in the world.". Even if you have kowtowed to a sage and entered his door, from now on you will have to learn from him and observe his rules of life. "Did you knock his head off, sir?" Asked Cheng Hsiao-liu. "Did he have many rules?" Cheng Xiaoliu calculates whether to consider if there are more rules. "No more, no less," said Liu Tiezui. But the rules of this sage are the rules of managing the world and helping the country, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable dry slide, and they are also the rules for all the scholars in the world. So, if you kowtow to him, you are a scholar? Gu Xiaoyao and Cheng Xiaoliu changed their minds at the same time and fell down and kowtowed together. Scholars, Gu Xiaoyao and Cheng Xiaoliu both know how glorious these three words are. A scholar does not have to plough the fields, a scholar can wear a long gown, and a scholar can be an official. So a few years ago, Gu Xiaoyao and Cheng Xiaoliu leaned over the window of the school and looked enviously at the students who followed their husband's endorsement, because they could be scholars. On the black and blue covers of the two books on the table were two square characters. That night, Cheng Xiaoliu and Gu Xiaoyi felt out from under their pillows and touched the moonlight coming through the window countless times. Theory, language. Now when he gets another copy of the Analects of Confucius, Gu Xiaoyao will squint at it in his hand and throw it into a corner, but Cheng Xiaoliu doesn't even bother to look at it. The word "scholar" can only be used to encourage children from one writing to the big and then from the big writing to the sky. What if the classics of Confucius and the various schools of thought are rotten one by one. I've been in the capital for almost ten years. What kind of scholar I haven't seen. There are countless people in the world who read the sage's books and become a scholar. From the countryside to the provincial capital, there are only a few hundred subjects in the capital. In the three-year Jinshi section, there are only 20 or 30 people who can enter the list and become famous. For the rest, there are those who have fallen into the streets, those who have shouldered their burdens and returned to their hometowns, those whose beards have turned gray during the period of this issue, and those who want to die or live, and those who have no face to see their elders in the east of the Yangtze River living in the capital and have no choice but to put down their stinking airs and change to make a living. Finally, there are two living examples of this kind of person: Liu Tiezui and Song Zhuge. Liu Tiezui and Song Zhuge's biggest mistake in this life was that they should not have reached the critical juncture when Cheng Xiaoliu and Gu Xiaoyao were about to recite the Annotations to the Collection of Classics one by one. They felt that they had reached the point where they could understand themselves, so every night they reviewed the bitter past events of those years with two or three small drinks, and after reviewing them, they would add some sighs of fame but floating clouds. Ku Hsiao-yao and Cheng Hsiao-liu, who were supposed to be "the little people who often hold the sun in their hearts," have been lamented in this way that "all the names in the world are empty, and only the words of profit are true.". When Song Zhuge and Liu Tiezui discovered that Gu Xiaoyao and Cheng Xiaoliu were writing letters for their neighbors and helping Taoist priests to sing the rites of the dead to earn pocket money, it was too late to repent. They left their books and ran errands behind Song Zhuge and Liu Tiezui to learn how to do business. Future ambition plan, Cheng Xiaoliu wants to be a famous fortune-teller in the capital, Gu Xiaoyao wants to be the most famous storyteller in the capital. Liu Tiezui often sighed to the sky in the dead of night: "These two children, the old man became him, or missed him!"! Cheng Hsiao-liu and Gu Hsiao-yi ran to a Dharma meeting place in Cao's house, and the Taoist priest of Yuefeng Temple gave each of them fifty pennies of thanks. Cheng Hsiao-liu took the money and went to drink two glasses of wine. He came home with a red face. Song Zhuge and Liu Tiezui were playing chess. Liu Tiezui saw him sighing as usual. Song Zhuge asked him, "Where is the youngest?" Cheng Hsiao-liu was most impatient to be asked about Gu Hsiao-yi, but recently the two of them were always in the same place to make a living. "I don't know," he replied at random. "Maybe he took the money and went to find the little girl who played the string in Blind Wang's house." Gu Xiaoyao went to the home of the blind man Wang, who was singing the string, to see his daughter Erya for more than a day or two. Wang even asked Liu Tiezui about the matter: "Your disciple's youngest is almost 20, and my youngest is 17. Why don't we get things done while the youngest can read, and I, the blind man, still have some money to spare. It would be nice to take stock and set up a stall for the young couple to live together." Liu Tieh-tsui has always been on good terms with his neighbors, but for the first time he stiffened and said, "No." The blind king was blocked and bored. Liu Tiezui also regretted blocking the blind man Wang back. No matter how he made the decision,Jumping castle with slide, he would always ask the youngest what he meant. Cheng Xiaoliu looked at Liu Tiezui's sighing appearance and was secretly happy. In fact, what Gu Xiaoyao liked was not Erya, he knew.