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  • After two breaths, a figure appeared in the green curtain. He had long hair and was dressed in white. He looked very handsome, but there was an evil color. The whole person looked as if he had a strange charm. The older generation calms down. If you let the younger generation come out, the younger generation will obey. The man smiled and said calmly. "Open it!" Dun Tian said coldly. Yes, sir. The evil man raised his right hand, empty a little green curtain, suddenly a gap in the green curtain appeared, Dun Tian lightly snorted, the body moved, into the rosefinch continent. Wang Lin followed closely. However, at this moment, the evil man's eyes flashed, his right hand clapped in the void, and suddenly the green curtain merged. Wang Lin's eyes were cold, and he was blocked outside. Junior, you're looking for death! Dun Tian's eyes were cold and he looked at the evil man. The man did not have the slightest fear, but gently said: "The older generation is not angry, the younger generation is not malicious, just want to compete with this famous rosefinch star Zeng Niu Taoist friend, Zeng Niu, do you dare to fight with me?" The evil man looked at Wang Lin outside the green curtain. Who are you? Wang Lin frowned slightly. Ceng Niu Daoyou, although it is the first time for me to meet you today, I have been in love with you for a long time, especially my concubine Red Butterfly, who never forgets you. The evil man smiled. Dry wind! Wang Lin's eyes flashed. ww w . xia oshu m Chapter 420 dry air. The evil man nodded gently and said, "I didn't expect to know my name. Compared with my naughty sister, she said a lot of bad things about me in front of you." Enough,inflatable bounce house with slide, dry wind, open the rosefinch array. I have no time to tangle with you here, otherwise, you can stay today! Dun Tian's tone is cold. Said in a deep voice. Senior, I have no malice. Could it be that the successor that senior is looking for doesn't even have the courage to fight in the next war? Senior can rest assured that I will never be a killer. I'm just learning from each other. Gan Feng laughed. Dun Tian sneered and raised his right hand. Just as he was about to perform his magic, Wang Lin suddenly said, "Well, I'll fight you!" Gan Feng's eyes flashed and he laughed. As soon as he stepped down, he stepped out of the green curtain and stood ten feet away from Wang Lin. "Well," he said with a smile,Inflatable water obstacle course, "Brother Zeng deserves to have killed Li yuanfeng and the ancestor of the giant demon clan.." Wang Lin does not talk nonsense with this person, in the other side out of the green curtain of the moment, the right hand a clap storage bag, immediately immortal sword in hand, immortal power into a chop. He immediately made a paragraph of the other party's speech. Although he is the first time to meet this dry wind, but the heart is not the slightest good feeling, a shot, is to use the strength of twelve points. This chop, clean and neat, is as fast as lightning. There was a flash of cold in the eyes of the dry wind, and he did not use the magic weapon, but his right hand was a little empty forward. Boom. A loud noise echoed in the sky, and Wang Lin cut it. Immortal Sword contains immortal power, which is several times more powerful than ordinary ones, and it implies underhand tactics. The amount of immortal power contained in this sword is the limit that he can exert at present. Under one sword, the power is amazing. Dry wind body quickly back, has been out of the hundred feet, only to remove the power of the body of the fairy sword, the whole body is no longer as elegant as before, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable amusement park, but eyes cold flash, staring at the fairy sword in Wang Lin's hand, word by word said: "Xianbao!!" His right index finger trembled slightly at the moment, a blood was left from the fingertip, and the whole right arm was unconscious at the moment. As soon as Wang Lin made a move, he did his best. The dry wind was not expected. After a sword repelled the dry wind, Wang Lin immediately opened his mouth and spat out a black awn. With a hollow grip in his right hand, a billion soul banners appeared in his hands. With a wave of his hand, all the souls on it roared out. Wang Lin knew very well that he could not defeat the dry wind with the strength of his fingertips. After all, this man's cultivation was in the middle stage of infant change. So he had to be the first to attack, and the man was caught off guard. As soon as hundreds of millions of souls came out, Wang Lin's eyes flashed and his mouth spat: "Swallow!" Among the hundreds of millions of souls, there were twelve main souls, who immediately grinned grimly and rushed to the dry wind. From the dry wind out of the green curtain, to now surrounded by hundreds of millions of souls, all this happened in a very fast time, so fast that the dry wind was caught off guard. After all, he still did not understand Wang Lin, and there was contempt in his heart, otherwise, with his cultivation. Will definitely not give Wang Lin a chance to use the soul banner. And in his view, this Wang Lin is too despicable, you know, in his capacity, how to say a few words, we are not fighting, but this Wang Lin actually interrupted his words, while he appeared in the moment of attack, this kind of behavior, it is no doubt with a sneak attack. When he fought with the head of the immortal clan, he was not in such a mess now. In this scene, I was very happy to see it. He laughed and secretly said that Zeng Niu had really mastered the essence of my soul refining sect. If he didn't sell it, he would seize the opportunity to sell it. At this moment, the dry wind is surrounded by hundreds of millions of souls, and those souls come roaring, with a strong impact. The twelve main souls, in particular, posed a great threat to him. Dry wind on the face before a gentle sweep, at the moment with a trace of gas, a pat storage bag, suddenly a fiery red awl, appeared in his hands. Rosefinch cone! Dun Tian frowned. The heart secretly said that the rosefinch really doted on this dry wind, otherwise he would not have given such a magic weapon to this person to use. Ceng Niu, this is the magic weapon of rosefinch, belong to false immortal treasure, power is great. Dun Tian Chuan Yin Dao. As soon as Wang Lin's eyes flashed, he was a decisive man. At the moment, his eyes flashed cold, and he said the word "explosion" lightly. Hundreds of millions of souls immediately exploded. Boom! Boom! Boom! Hundreds of millions of souls suddenly exploded, producing infinite power, dry wind face changed greatly, without saying a word, put away the awl, sat cross-legged, hands pinched, suddenly, enveloped the whole rosefinch mainland rosefinch array. Immediately, in a twinkling of an eye, it disappeared from the rosefinch continent and appeared on the dry wind in an instant. See its body at the moment like a rainbow,inflatable water slide, pull out the ground and cut, with a huge whirlpool, toward the sweep around.