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Through the Overhead "Fast through is not the cannon fodder of

  • In fact, after losing her mother-in-law's help, Zhang Weihong's first feeling was very uncomfortable. When Jianbei couple lost their help, Zhang Weihong loved it, but when her own help was gone, she was extremely depressed. Then there was a war between husband and wife, and Zhang Weihong lost. Looking back now, Zhang Weihong blushed for her lazy feeling. Ha! In fact, Jianbei they were as lazy as she used to be. Thinking of this, Zhang Weihong shook her head. Fortunately, she came to her senses. Otherwise, life would not have passed long ago. There was a happy life like now. All right, all right! Zhang Weihong breathed a sigh of relief and laughed, so that everything could be corrected in time. After that lesson, Zhang Weihong finally began to work diligently. In addition, Yu Ying also let Zhang Weihong witness the appearance of bacteria, which frightened Zhang Weihong. This unexpectedly made Zhang Weihong change from a lazy person to a neat freak. He could not see the dirty mess. When he saw the unclean place, Zhang Weihong's hands itched and he wanted to clean it up. So when Zhang Weihong saw the appearance of the kitchen today, she really couldn't bear to look at it. As for Jiannan, Zhang Weihong felt that she was not a person who could do housework well. She drove him away and cleaned up herself. By the way, how about Jianbei? Zhang Weihong took a look at the place where she lived and didn't think much about it, because she hadn't finished her work yet, so she quickly cleaned up the whole kitchen,Low Rpm Electric Motor, which was really dirty. So she turned and went into the kitchen and went on. Of course, Jianbei did not know that he had escaped the disaster. Jiannan finally spared him once for the sake of his brother's affection and did not beat him. In this way, under the care of the two brothers, Zhao Jianbei's health gradually improved. Of course, Yu Ying did not come to see Jianbei once, but through the two brothers Jiandong and Jiannan, he learned about the situation of Jianbei. Zhao Jianbei this bastard, if not for the face of the original owner, Yu Ying would like him to die. At the thought of the last encounter of the original owner,brushless gear motor, Yu Ying did not want to see Zhao Jianbei at all. Even Yu Ying wanted to beat Zhao Jianbei severely, but he was magnanimous to his wife Chen Aihua, and ruthless to his mother, which made Yu Ying not know what to say. Chen Aihua to do that kind of thing, Jianbei actually endure down, before did not find Jianbei has the potential to do Ninja Turtles ah? How interesting! In fact, Chen Aihua became like that, and part of it was spoiled by Jianbei. Therefore, Yu Ying in the heart for the original owner is not worth, Zhao Jianbei to the mother has been the use of reuse, until there is no use value to abandon. To know that she is not the original owner, Zhao Jianbei has no feelings, so sitting there, you can carefully analyze the development of things. Of course, how will things develop? Yu Ying thought for a moment, but did not know the answer. Finally plan to see the choice of Jianbei, 24v Gear Motor ,Small Geared Motors, if he also choose Chen Aihua to be his wife, then Yu Ying is dead or alive. Seeing Yu Yingru sitting on the Diaoyutai, Zhao Fang took time to see Jianbei. Do not know what their brother and sister said, anyway, Yu Ying is watching the development of the situation, because the anxious person will not be her. It is said that Jianbei is finally going to find Chen Aihua, because some things always have to be solved. In fact, Yu Ying had met Chen Aihua after their husband and wife came back, and felt that this cheap daughter-in-law had become unbelievable. Perhaps Chen Aihua is not working in the fields, so her skin has become whiter than before. But as a yellow race, white and white race is not the same, and her own foundation, does not belong to the white people, so the skin is still some yellow. So in order to make myself look white, I should put on a lot of powder. Let Yu Ying feel that Chen Aihua is painting the wall, layer by layer, and then finally white. Unfortunately, Chen Aihua was busy brushing his face and did not brush his neck white, so there was a fault in the middle. In addition, the most fashionable makeup of that era, in the eyes of later generations, is heavy makeup. In fact, many people in the village were stunned when they saw Chen Aihua's dress. Yu Ying looked with some curiosity and saw Chen Aihua frowning, covering his nose with a handkerchief, and looking at the dirty environment in the village with a look of great disgust. Before Chen Aihua became a city dweller, he began to dislike the place where he was born. So after seeing Chen Aihua, Yu Ying knew that this woman's heart had become flashy. Yu Ying doubts that Chen Aihua can still stay in the village at this time. Once a person's heart is wild, he can't pull it back, so this Chen Aihua is the most unstable factor. I am afraid that Chen Aihua, who has been in the city, already feels that he is a city dweller. He is simply a sparrow turning into a phoenix. From then on, he flies to the sycamore tree. Therefore, this village is afraid that there is no room for this golden phoenix. Yu Ying made up her mind to get rid of this unstable factor. Now, this woman's restless behavior means that the opportunity should come soon. But at this time, Chen Aihua still had the face to come out for a walk, because her affairs had been known by many people, and she cuckolded her husband. At that time, many villagers were whispering, and some people ignored Chen Aihua. And Chen Aihua finally held his head high and went back to cultivate himself. You should know that the eyes of the villagers just now let Chen Aihua know that if he wants to live well, he has to change a place where he doesn't know his background and start all over again. At this time Chen Aihua, did not notice Yu Ying's eyes have been looking at her, naturally do not know Yu Ying has made up her mind, how to pry her away? As for the question of where the disaster water flows, it is none of Yu Ying's business. The reason for doing so is that Yu Ying, after pulling the experience of the original owner many times over the years, came to the conclusion that the biggest curse was Chen Aihua. In fact, in the previous life, the original owner thought he was very fair to his sons, but would those sons think so? No, a few sons in life, will always find that their mother is unfair,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, the more they do, the more unfair they are. Coupled with the daughter-in-law's involvement, I am afraid that all kinds of unfairness have been pointed out.