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Flood predators

  • Fortunately, this monster had already been secretly told by the division commander to be prepared, only to see that the monster really lifted the palladium, with strength to build the future, flapping, drilling up the flame of the palladium, not to mention building some scalps. He was so frightened that his hands were numb and his feet were weak. He said, "Good head, good head." In fact, he looked at the strange force. In fact, the strange force was less than 20%. Moreover, after raking down, he used the unique skill of Taiqing to reverse Yin and Yang, leaving six parts of force on his body. Otherwise, the monkey would have died long ago. It was ridiculous that the monkey did not know it, but he heard the Monkey say: "You don't know.". Old Sun stole the elixir, the peaches, and the imperial wine because he was making trouble in the Heavenly Palace. He was captured by Little Saint Erlang and held in front of the Bullfighting Palace. The gods beat Old Sun with axes, hammers, knives, swords, fire, and thunder, but they did not hurt him at all. Taishang Laojun took me and put me in the Eight Diagrams Furnace to exercise the divine fire and make a golden eye, a copper head and an iron arm. If you don't believe me, you can build a few more times to see if it hurts or not. That strange performance is also like, only to hear him say: "You monkey, I remember when you were making trouble in the Heavenly Palace, you lived in the Huaguo Landscape Curtain Cave in Aolai Country, Shenzhou, Dongsheng. You haven't been famous for a long time now. You came here to bully me?"? Don't dare my father-in-law go there to invite you? Monkey said that your father-in-law had never invited me. Because it was Lao Sun who changed his ways and became a monk to protect a younger brother of the Tang Dynasty in the East, called Sanzang Dharma Master. He went to the Western Heaven to worship the Buddha and seek scriptures. He passed by Gaozhuang to stay overnight. Because of what he said, Gao Laoer asked me to save his daughter and take the rammed goods of your Nang Chaff. The strange smell this, lost the nail palladium, sing a big way: "Where is the sutra collector?"? Tired of your introduction. As soon as the Walker heard the strange way: "Why do you want to see him?" That strange way: "I was originally the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara who advised me to do good, and I accepted his precepts. Here I kept a vegetarian diet and taught me to follow the sutra collector to the Western Heaven to worship the Buddha and ask for sutras, so that I could make a mistake and get a positive result.". Taught me to wait for him. I haven't heard from him for years. Since you have become a disciple with him today, why don't you tell me earlier about the matter of getting the scriptures, and only rely on the fierce and strong to come and beat me? Monkey way: "Don't be deceitful and soft-hearted, and try to get away.". Sure enough, it's to protect the Tang Priest. It's not false at all. You can swear to heaven that I'll take you to see my master. That strange to kneel down, looking at the sky like pounding, just kowtow way: "Amitabha Buddha, Namo Buddha, if I am not sincere, but also taught me to violate the law of heaven, split the body ten thousand pieces." When Monkey saw that he had made a vow, he said: "In that case, light a fire and burn down your dwelling, and I'll take you there." The monster really moved some reeds and brambles, lit a fire, and burned the Yunzhan Cave like a broken tile kiln. He said to Monkey: "I have nothing to worry about now, but you can lead me to go." Monkey way: "You take the nail palladium with me." The monster handed the palladium to Monkey. Monkey pulled out another hair, blew on it, and called for "change," that is, change into a three-strand hemp rope. Go, Agate Stone Price ,white marble slabs, tie and cut the back of your hand. The monster really had his hands behind his back and was tied up by him. But he pulled his ears, pulled him, and shouted: "Go, go, go." That strange way: "Be gentle. Your hands are so heavy that they hurt my ears." Monkey's way is not light, and I don't care about you. As the saying goes, a good pig hates to take it. Just wait to see my master, if there is sincerity, just let you go. The two of them, half cloudy and half foggy, turned to Gaojia Village. In an instant, to the front of the village. Monkey clasped his palladium and held him by the ear: Who do you see sitting up in that hall? He is my teacher. The relatives and friends of the Gao family and Old Gao suddenly saw Monkey come with the monster tied up on his back and pulled his ears. One by one, they welcomed him into the courtyard and said, "Elder, he is my family." The monster stepped forward, knelt down on his knees, kowtowed to Sanzang with his hands behind his back, and shouted: "Master, I lost my welcome. If I had known it was my master who lived in my father-in-law's house, I would have come to meet him, but I had a lot of twists and turns." Sanzang said: "Wukong, do you want him to worship me?" Monkey let go of his hand and hit him with the handle of the nail. "What do you say, idiot?" The monster gave a detailed account of the Bodhisattva's advice. Sanzang was overjoyed and called: "Gao Taigong, take an incense table and use it." Lao Gao hurriedly carried out the incense table. Sanzang cleaned his hands to burn incense and looked south to pray: "Duomeng Bodhisattva's Grace" The old men also worshipped together with incense. "Then Sanzang went up to the hall and sat down, and taught Wukong to let go of his rope." Only then did Monkey shake his body and put it back, untying himself. The monster hid himself on the new Wednesday and wished to go with him to the west. He worshipped Monkey again, and took the advanced one as his elder brother, so he called Monkey Elder Martial Brother. Sanzang Road: "Since I want to be a disciple from my good fruit, I will give you a Dharma name so that you can call sooner or later." "Master," he said, "I am a Bodhisattva who has been ordained with me and given a Buddhist name, Zhu Wuneng." "Well," said Sanzang with a smile, "your brother's name is Wukong, and your name is Wuneng. Actually, it's a sect of my Dharma." Master Wuneng Dao, I have received the Bodhisattva's precepts, and I have cut off the five kinds of meat and three kinds of disgust. In my father-in-law's house, I keep a vegetarian diet, and I have never touched meat. After seeing the master today, I'll start my fast. "No, no," said Sanzang. "Since you don't eat five kinds of meat and three kinds of disgust, I'll give you another name, Pig." "The fool said joyfully," I will obey the teacher's orders. " Therefore, it is also called Zhu Bajie. Old Gao was even more delighted when he saw that he had got rid of the evil and returned to the good, so he ordered his family to arrange a banquet to reward the Tang Priest. Pig came forward to pull the old high way: "Sir, how about asking me to come out and pay my respects to my father-in-law?" Monkey laughed and said: "My good brother, now that you have entered the Samana and become a monk, from now on, don't mention the words of the humble Jing.". There is only a Taoist priest in Huoju. Where is a monk in Huoju? Let's sit down, have a vegetarian meal, and walk to the West early in the morning. Old Gao set up a table and invited Sanzang to sit on it. Monkey and Pig sat on the left and right sides, and all the relatives sat down. Gao Lao opened a bottle of vegetarian wine, filled a cup, held a memorial ceremony for heaven and earth, and then offered it to Sanzang. Sanzang Road: "To tell you the truth, Taigong said that the poor monk was a vegetarian in the womb and did not eat meat since he was a child." Old high way: "Knowing that the teacher was a vegetarian, he never dared to touch meat.". This wine is also vegetarian. Please have a glass. Sanzang Road: "I dare not use wine. Wine is the first precept of my monks." Wu can panic way: "Master,Marble Projects, I keep my fast, but I never stop drinking." Wukong way: "Old Sun was too small to eat in the jar, but he never stopped drinking." Sanzang replied.


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