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Hidden Dragon in the Deep (Exploration, Father and Son, Spirits

  • He yuan first filled the cup in front of Xiao Lan with eight points, then his own, and finally Yao Tong's turn. With a flash in his eyes, Yao Tong smiled as if nothing had happened and said, "Brother He is in Loulan, but I'm worried. I'm not in any danger." "Yes." 'Eh? What danger?! Yao Tongmei's eyes froze with concern. He yuan took a sip of tea. It's a long story. It's better not to say. There was a sound of Xiao Lan next to him, which almost sprayed the tea out. Only then did Yao Tong know that He yuan was entertaining himself, and he was embarrassed and ashamed, so he had to turn his attention to Xiao Lan. She didn't take Xiao Lan seriously when she entered the door just now, because she knew that with He yuan's temperament, it was absolutely impossible to pay more attention to anyone, so Yao Tong regarded Xiao Lan as a person who came to ask for He yuan. After a careful look, it was found that Xiao Lan was wearing a loose home dress with a bear embroidered on it, which looked very casual and did not look like a guest. Do not see do not know, a look startled, Yao Tong came up with some ideas in his mind, and then was denied by himself. He yuan has no friends, and no one deserves to make friends with him, but how can such a lonely and cold person live with others? "Who is this?" He yuan didn't answer her. Instead, he turned to Xiao Lan and said, "Call someone. She's older than you." Xiao Lan gave a cry and said, "Hello, aunt." The corner of Yao Tong's mouth twitched: "I'm not a few years older than you." Xiao Lan scratched his head and said, "My mother told me that when I saw a beautiful woman, I would call her aunt. Is my mother wrong?" Yao Tong laughed. "Where are you from?" Xiao Lan Hei Hei smiled: "I am the northeast of that pimple, my mother usually said that I was tough, aunt do not follow my general knowledge." The authentic Northeast dialect was so sour that Yao Tong frowned, and his eyes, which were not friendly, became more and more distant and cold. Brother He, why is he here, you..? She asked tentatively. Uh He yuan bowed his head and poured tea, as if he had not noticed her discomfort, nor did he know whether they had a close relationship or did not want to answer her question. That Xiao Lan is chattering to express his interest and love for Yao Tong: "Auntie is old and energetic. When my mother was young, she was the most beautiful in Shili Baxiang. Auntie is more beautiful than my mother, especially the tone of her voice. Tut, it's really like the yellow in the tree. I often think about it blindly. If only my future wife could be so watery." Aunt, why don't you tell me a wife, too, when the time comes. Yao Tong was dizzy by his circle of me coming and going: "Brother He, I have something to ask you this time. My father had an accident.." He yuan gave a hum and kept quiet. Seeing that he did not ask, Yao Tong had no choice but to continue: "He cooperated with the Japanese to go to Poyang Lake for salvage. As a result, he went into the water and never came up again. Those people took turns to go down and look for several days and nights, but no one was seen. I.." Her eyes were hot and she lowered her head. "I'm really worried. Can you, can you.." "Uncle Yao is very capable. If he can't solve something, facial recognization camera , it's no use for me to go." "No, we grew up together. Don't I know how capable you are?" The beauty looked sad and pitiful. "Just think of it as I beg you. For the sake of our love for so many years since childhood, you help me with this favor. Later.." Yao Tong smiled bleakly: "I won't bother you anymore." He yuan did not speak, the hand movement did not stop, gracefully making tea, Yao Tong stared at his hand, also quiet down. Half a day later, I heard him say lightly, "I'll think about it." This sentence is ambiguous, said is equal to did not say, Yao Tong some disappointed, but she still pulled up a smile: "Thank you, brother He!" " Perhaps he had something on his mind. Yao Tong left after sitting down for a while. He yuan didn't stay either. When he left, he asked Xiao Lan, "Where did you learn that northeast dialect?" Xiao Lan Hei Hei smiled: "There is a northeast in the dormitory, and I learned it after a long time." "She is not so easy to give up. She left this time and will come again next time." "The language of the motherland is broad and profound, so they should change it to Shanghai dialect next time.". ” He leaned forward and suddenly asked, "Xiaohei, she is Yao Sandao's daughter, and you are Yao Sandao's nephew. What's the relationship between you two?" He yuan did not speak, but suddenly looked up and smiled, quite amazing with the melting of ice and snow, Xiao Lan saw that he had not laughed many times, but every time there was a feeling of heart pounding. Xiao Lan covered his chest and lay down groaning. "Don't laugh like that. I can't stand it when you laugh. It's a disaster!" He yuan was still laughing, reaching over to hook his collar, hooking his upper body over, and then pressing his thin lips close to his ears. What relationship are you talking about? "Hey hey, childhood sweetheart, refers to the belly for marriage?"? Right? Don't talk? Is it right not to talk? Xiaohei, this is your fault, although this aunt is older, but you can not abandon the wife of the chaff, ah, your behavior is simply naked red apricot out of the wall! But then again, did you kiss her? "Oh, Xiaohei, why don't you speak? In fact, you have already kissed him, haven't you?" "Kiss you say, you do not say how I know you have not kissed, even if you have kissed but you do not say, in fact, it is still a kiss, kiss is not you say not to say can cover up.." He yuan looked at him for a long time, as if to confirm how he was interested in such a shortsighted, and then unbearable, with practical action to seal his mouth. The author has something to say: [Follow-up] The kiss was so fierce that the two of them were tangled together from sitting on the soft and spacious sofa, and their clothes were so messy that no one could tidy them up. He yuan's chest was wide open, and his thin chest muscles, which were well-proportioned and contained strength, covered it. Under the sunlight that penetrated through the curtain gap, it was shining with a confusing luster. Xiao Lan could not help but tilt his head upward and gently bite the nipple above.