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Wulin Baxiu

  • Fei Xunzhang had to use a thousand catties of strength to stabilize his body and land on the ground! He Keren jumped forward and asked with concern, "Well, is that all right?" Han Chien-ping shook his head and said with a smile, "It's nothing. It's just that my wrists are a little sore and numb."! With that, He handed the bamboo flute to He Keren and said with a smile, "Eight younger sisters, can you put away these ten grains of Nine Cold Crystal Sand?" He Keren hesitated for a moment, then took out a small jade vase from his pouch and told Han Jianping to carefully control "Congenital Taiyizhen!" Qi, shake ten pills of cold crystal sand into the bottle one by one. When everything was ready, Han Jianping walked up to Leng Wei and said in a deep voice, "I'm just trying to take your life." But in the past, on the sandbar at the mouth of the Yellow River, a blood debt that killed the old man Shi needed to be repaid by you personally. Let you live a few more days! Leng Wei could not move at this time, and the True Qi had been scattered, so he had to close his eyes and be at the mercy of the other side. After Han Jianping had sorted it out, he pointed to Huang Jie and the others and asked Ho Keren with a smile, "What about these three?" He Keren frowned and said, "Even if you kill such a useless person, you will pollute his hands and feet. It would be better to abolish their martial arts and let them It's up to you to live and die! Han Chien-ping nodded his approval. He stepped forward and said with a smile, "Sister Ba, you are so kind-hearted. Why were you right just now?" Then how cruel is Yu Hong? He Keren gave a snort and said, "a man who is worse than a beast deserves to die. It's really cheap to live or die like that." Kill him! Han Jianping nullified the martial arts of Huang Jie and the others, and then untied their restricted acupoints. "For your sake,industrial racking systems," he shouted in a deep voice. For the sake of no major evil deeds and having met once in the past, I will spare your lives. Now you are no different from ordinary people. How can you divorce? It's up to your fate to drive to the top of this heavenly mountain. Get out of here! Huang Jie and others looked at Han Jianping and He Keren bitterly, climbed up, said nothing, and hobbled down the hill. Go. Han Chien-ping and Ho Keh-jen waited for them to walk away before they turned around and looked at the "snow mosquito." They saw a pool of blood and mud. Frozen into solid ice, He Keren then gathered Xuangong, cut the solid ice, took out the inner alchemy, and packed it in a special leather bag. In the bag. When everything was done,shuttle rack system, the two men examined the two owls carefully and found that their whole bodies were as stiff as before, and there was still no improvement. Han Chien-ping could not help frowning and said, "What should I do?" He Keren hesitated for a moment and said, "They've done a lot of work this time. Besides, we're going back with Leng Wei on foot." Because of the inconvenience, they had to spend a little more energy and effort to save their lives! As a result, the two of them gathered together in the same place, sending out the "true fire of Samadhi" from the inner family, and dispelling the bodies of the two dog owls. The cold poison inside. It took a whole day and a night, consuming a lot of True Qi, to bring the two owls back to life. Chuang is too much, although their lives are not affected, but still exhausted, can only barely fly, can not ride. Han Jianping and He Keren discussed with each other and decided to leave the top of Tianshan Mountain first and find a warm place at the foot of the mountain. Let them rest slowly. At that moment, Han Jianping picked up Leng Wei and ordered two dog owls to fly slowly with him. He went down the mountain to find a secluded valley for the time being. Come down. Fortunately, asrs warehouse ,heavy duty metal racks, Tianshan mountain area, rich in Mongolian gazelle snow chicken, with two people's skill, naturally do not worry about food, and two dog owls. When you get such nourishing food, you will soon be as healthy as before! However, as a result of this delay, when they flew to Hengshan by the dog owl, it was already late spring in March and early summer. Zhu Rongfeng head, the scenery is still, Zhang Taihe and other swordsmen heard the air dog owl whistling, one after another out to meet. Han Chien-ping was the first to float to the ground. He raised his hand and threw Leng Wei in front of Shih Wen. "Sister Wen!" He said! To kill your grandfather. The murderer has been caught by me, and I have brought him back specially for you to deal with! As soon as Shih Wen saw that it was Leng Wei, she couldn't help but open her eyes wide. She gritted her teeth and shouted, "Evil thief, I want to dig out your heart and lungs." Come out and sacrifice to my grandfather! Leng Wei after many days of recuperation, although the internal injury has recovered, but the acupoint is still constrained, unable to move, feeling can not be lucky. Then he gave a sneer and said, "Since the Lord of this island is in your hands, if you want to kill him, kill him. Why bother?" "Choke"! Shih Wen had withdrawn her dagger from her hand. She looked up to heaven and said in a mournful voice, Grandpa! Grandpa! Your soul in heaven Look at Wen'er digging up the heart of this wicked thief to avenge you! As soon as the voice fell, he bit his silver teeth, probed his jade wrist, and the blue light flashed. With a "puff," the dagger sank straight into the cold force. Chest! Leng Wei snorted miserably! His face was ashen with pain, and he was sweating all over! Shi Wen was livid, breathing fire in her eyes, destined to be an enemy, gnashing her teeth, twisting and picking from left to right. A "wow"! Bloody blood spattered everywhere, Leng Wei's chest and abdomen were cracked, and an inhuman heart and liver stood out and stung in the short. Above the sword, the pain only made him roar for a while, and then he died, and his body was lying on the spot! Shi Wen, with a dagger in her hand, took a look at the heart of the enemy, and suddenly ran a few steps, fell to the ground toward the northeast, and let out her voice. Cry out! The swordsmen silently watched the bloody tragedy of this scene, and everyone was happy on behalf of Shiwen, but one. Face also produces infinite feelings! The white peony waited until Shih Wen had cried enough. Then she went over to help her up and said with a smile, "Sister Wen, you are killing your own relatives and enemies. You are right." It's time to be happy. Don't cry and ruin your health! Shi Wen stopped crying, wiped her tears, and came back to thank Han Jianping. Only then did Zhang Taihe order Long Yong to drag Leng Wei's body and bury it. Then he entered the house with the swordsmen and asked Han Jianping and He. Keren passed by this trip. How did Ho Keh-jen obtain the "demon heart relic" and the "snow mosquito" when he discovered the "demon of demons" Chung Li-jue at the top of the Tianshan Mountains? The process of inner alchemy, inflicting heavy losses on the minions of the eight demons, and so on, was described in detail one by one. After hearing this,warehouse storage racks, all the swordsmen were very happy! But Chang Tai-ho said thoughtfully, "The unexpected result of this move is certainly extremely good, but I don't know if that Zhong Li Qin is willing to do this." The battle over the wall and the cannibalism of flesh and blood are important issues that must be studied! 。