Eternal Life

  • "But fortunately, this son has not become an eternal giant, can not extract the pure Yang in the spirit of the fairy world, burn the pure Yang, play the power of the Tao is nothing to be afraid of, if I want to kill him, I can display a few supreme magical powers of the loss of longevity yuan, I have a move of heaven and earth with longevity, loss of a thousand years of life, have the power to destroy heaven and earth, never used this side cold this son so terrible." Let him grow up, I'm afraid sooner or later it will be a big disaster. In Ruyizi's eyes, the fierce light flashed, and he was eager to try. "Does Ruyizi really want to go all out?"? Hum, I might as well display all my strength, sacrifice the wooden Taoist, the eight pagodas, the picture of the afterlife, and the Great Chaos Thunder Sword, and kill him with one blow and suppress him. As soon as Fang Han saw Ruyizi's eyes, he knew that this eternal tycoon had the determination to kill himself at all costs. In his life, he was most afraid of this kind of eyes. For this kind of person, there was only one, that is, to kill him so that his spirit and form would be destroyed. He would strike first and then suffer. However, so kill a big elder, and is the big elder of the eternal giant level,30ml dropper bottle, the shock caused in the school, no less than earth-shaking. Even the Supreme Elder, who practices penance in the depths of time and space, will be alarmed. Some are as powerful as the existence of the Taoist level, will come out to intervene, it is difficult to be good at the back. Moreover, at the time of coming, when Yanshuiyi talked about Ruyizi with himself, he once mentioned that "Ruyizi has a kind of desperate magical power,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, which consumes thousands of years of longevity yuan. It is called the longevity of heaven and earth. It has the power to destroy heaven and earth. Hua Tiandu once mentioned to me that he also knows this magical power. He said that even if the giant wants to kill himself, he can pull the other party on the road together." Fang Han knew many secrets of Master Hua Tiandu and his disciples from a mouthful of smoke and water. Although no one knows how powerful "Heaven and Earth with Longevity" is, Fang Han can't help but have some plans. After a fight, Ruyizi stood on the Heavenly Punishment Platform. Fang Han stood in midair. Both of them were quiet for a while. In the eyes of both sides, both flashed fiercely, thinking about how to kill each other and uproot each other. "Fang Han, you are very good, very good. It is said that you have refined ninety-three kinds of magical powers, and there are many kinds of supreme magical powers. Today, you just take this opportunity to compete with brother Ruyi Zidao on the Heavenly Punishment Platform. How about that?"? Also let us see you refine the heaven and earth law appearance is what thing in the end, moreover, I also want to see to see the evil way first murder weapon, the power of the afterlife map. Just as the two men were deadlocked, a voice rang out. But is a "deputy head" Yi Jianqiu. "Yi Jianqiu, although you are the deputy head, I am in charge of all the important matters of the Feather Gate today. Don't add fuel to the flames. After all, you are not the head." Tianxing elder suddenly stepped out, across between Fang Han and Ruyizi, the whole person's hair flying, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, although it is the appearance of a teenager, but it gives people a taste of standing for millions of years. "A true disciple, a great elder, or an eternal tycoon, what does it look like to fight?"? If you want to do it, you must first defeat me, the elder in charge of the criminal law. As Elder Tianxing spoke, he had a pair of strange weapons in his hands, which were zigzag and emitted endless evil spirits. They looked like knives but not knives, like swords but not swords. They were also a pair of Taoist weapons, the same as the sun and moon. Medium grade Dao ware It's a couple I don't know how many years the Elder of Heavenly Punishment has killed the "double blades of Heavenly Punishment" of countless masters, and even the resentment of countless masters who have been killed, bloodstained, old and merciless. Why, Elder Heavenly Punishment, do you also stop me? This son humiliates me so today, can I bear it? Can you endure being humiliated by a mole ant with magical powers in the secret realm? This is not only a provocation to me, but also a subversion of the tradition of the monastic world and a trampling on the dignity of the ancient giants. If this son is not killed, how can we lay down the rules? Heavenly punishment, no matter what happens today, I will kill this son. Ruyizi suddenly roared. "That's not what I said, I don't favor anyone Fang Han, I know you went out to travel, got countless benefits, and may even restore all the strength of the afterlife map in Linglong Xianzun, have enough cards to deal with the ancient giants, so I came to revenge, but you and Hua Tian have a ten-year appointment, in the past when you were weak, Hua Tian could kill you, but keep your promise." Did not deal with you now you are strong, should not take advantage of Hua Tiandu retreat to find his trouble, and between heaven and earth is coming, the overall situation is important, you should also turn hostility into friendship with him. Heavenly punishment elder did not pay attention to Ruyizi, but the other side cold way. "Elder Tianxing, I used to get a lot of protection from you, and I know you are not selfish, but I can not find Hua Tiandu's trouble today, keep my promise, but Ruyi son, as an elder, has plotted against me many times, and today I even have to call many elders to punish me, I have to have a dispute, otherwise I will be on guard everywhere in the future." Naturally, he would not weaken his determination to kill Ruyizi and Hua Tiandu at all because of the obstruction of the elder Tianxing, but he also paid attention to strategy when he spoke, and immediately avoided the real and was well-organized. "With your strength, today our elders have seen that you can compete with the disciples of the Eternal Giant, which is the great fortune of our Feather Gate. I can guarantee that from now on, there will never be a meeting of elders to punish you. You can rest assured that you can practice painstakingly." Elder Tianxing nodded, feeling that there is still room to ease the matter. However, a harsh voice rang through: "Heavenly punishment, do you think you are the master?"? You have great power. The meeting of the elders sanctions the true disciples. This is also the rule of the school. Although you are highly cultivated, your right to speak in the Feather Gate still depends on the meaning of our three deputy masters. If the Supreme Master is not present, you should listen to our opinions when making important decisions. The power of the Elder of Heavenly Punishment can not override the deputy masters. But it was the "deputy head" Wang Daoling who spoke. Although his cultivation is the same as that of the Elder of Heavenly Punishment, he is an eternal tycoon,Glass Cosmestic Containers, but he is a master of the secret realm of longevity, who is a true disciple. His identity is "deputy master", and his right to speak is greater than that of the Elder of Heavenly Punishment.