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    I took a breath and did not say anything more. I was shocked at this time, because for this strange chrysalis, there should be such a big scene of astral joint meeting. From this, I can see that the seriousness of the matter is far beyond my imagination. The real key, of course, is the creature in the outer layer-what kind of creature is worth protecting in that way? Moreover, what kind of disaster is expected to happen before such protection is needed? I raised these two questions, and the bald man nodded: "This is exactly the question I raised at the meeting.". Unfortunately, neither of these two issues came to a conclusion at the meeting. With a wave of his hand, he went on: "I think the most thorough way to find out what is inside, besides using all possible methods of perspective, is to take some of it and study it.". We are skilled at growing cells, and we can grow an entire organism from just one cell. At this point, he paused. Wen Baoyu and I looked at each other and tried to say something but couldn't. The bald man continued, "There was a lot of discussion in several meetings. The only thing that everyone agreed on was that this thing did not belong to the earth." There should be no doubt about this conclusion. He added, "After going through all kinds of fluoroscopic scanning methods, I found that there were a lot of cells inside." I interrupted him: "Isn't that nonsense? Every living thing is a lot of cells, and living things are made up of cells!" The bald man looked at me and said, All cells in an organism, no matter which organ they belong to or what role they play in the body, have a common gene. But we found that the cells in this thing are many, many, so many that it is hard to count the number of different cells with different genes. In the case of a dog, there are hundreds of millions of cells in the dog's body, and these cells have the same genes,Carbon in Pulp, so if you take out any one of them and breed it, it will be a dog, and it will not be any other creature. Although we heard everything he said for the first time, we understood it because he said it very clearly. Pointing to the strange chrysalis in horror, I said, "Do you mean to take out cells with different genes from this thing and cultivate them, so that different organisms can be cultivated?" The bald man nodded. "Exactly. This is a very important discovery. We are trying to count the number of cells with different genes. There is no correct number. There are more than two million kinds." I was even more shocked: "Does it mean that if we use these cells to cultivate, we can produce two million different organisms?" The bald man nodded again. Bai Su said in a deep voice, "How many kinds of creatures are there on the earth?" "That's a good question," said the bald man! There are no exact figures on how many kinds of living things there are on the earth, except for plants and microorganisms. In terms of animals, there are more than 160,000 kinds of insects, gold CIP machine ,chrome washing machine, more than 110,000 kinds of mollusks, and vertebrates. There are at least three million species in total. Bai Su thoughtfully, I know she must have thought of something, I also vaguely thought of something at this time, but there is no way to combine. The bald man waited for a while, but when he saw that we had no problem for the time being, he went on to report: "With this amazing discovery, we have further studied and found that the cells here all live in a liquid in the state of glue juice, and the state of life is very strange.." He thought for a moment, as if wondering how to describe this strange state, and then said, "If death is zero, then the life state of these cells is very close to zero, and if expressed in numerical terms, it is almost infinite.". This near-death state of life can extend the life of these cells almost indefinitely! He put his hands on the table, looked at us and asked, "What do you think of my report?" Except for Bai Su, we all shook our heads. So everyone's eyes were focused on Bai Su, waiting for her to say her inference. Bai Su took a breath and said slowly, "There are almost as many biological cells as there are living things on the whole earth. I guess these cells are so well protected that the purpose is not only to preserve them, but also to hope that under some circumstances they can develop into living things and survive and reproduce in a suitable environment." Before everyone had time to react to what Bai Su had said, the old lady suddenly shouted, "Noah's Ark!" She called these four words, in most people on earth, will know, but the aliens do not know. Even among us earthlings, Blue Silk has an inexplicable look, not knowing what Noah's Ark is all about. But as soon as Bai Su, Wen Baoyu, and I heard this, we couldn't help but let out a "bang." I immediately combined "Noah's Ark" with the inference Bai Su had just made, and had a further idea. I raised my hand to speak up and said, "Suppose a long time ago, for some reason, a certain planet needed a large-scale migration. Not only did the most advanced organisms on the planet need to leave, but they wanted all living things to leave. It can be assumed that the planet is no longer suitable for living things to live on, and all living things must leave to find a new environment suitable for living." Then the best way to migrate is to preserve the cells of all organisms in a proper way and then migrate. After a pause, I pointed to the strange chrysalis and said, "There's a whole planet of creatures in this thing. They're collective immigrants from a planet I don't know!" After I finished speaking, everyone at Lerman Hospital applauded to show that my hypothesis was valid. I bowed to them and pointed my hands at Bai Su and the old lady, because my idea was just a combination of their ideas. Wen Pao-yu and Lan Si also applauded. Wen Pao-yu was very excited and shouted,mineral flotation, "I didn't expect this strange thing to be so terrible!" The bald man said, "This hypothesis is the same as the conclusion we reached at the Interstellar Conference. Later, we slightly revised it because of new discoveries." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com