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  • Liu Quan, a real person in Baishui, has a wide range of knowledge and has long heard of the treasures of Jinmen, which are relics of Guangchengzi, an ancient immortal. Before the Han Dynasty, it was hidden in the belly of Kongtong Mountain. I don't know how many generations of immortals coveted it. They thought of endless ways, but no one got it. Later, Mao Gong and Liu Gen joined their colleagues to practice the five fires. After burning the mountain for eighty-one days, they broke the amulet of sealing the mountain. Seeing the success, suddenly there were thousands of spirits. They smelled the strange fragrance of the ancient cave and knew that the mountain was open. They came together to rob it. As a result, although the spirits were driven away by the immortals, the golden boat and basin hidden in the mountainside had flown out of the cave. The immortals could not stop them, and each of them found one or two insignificant treasures in the cave. The golden boat and golden basin, the so-called treasure of ancient Kinmen, had been known to have fallen into the water holes of Wu Gorge and yuanjiang River for many years, but no one knew the details. I didn't want to be found out by my master, but in yuanjiang, Wu Gorge was a misrepresentation, and there was a way to get the treasure. I couldn't help but be overjoyed. Busy rate Zhao, Yu, Wei three people thanks to get life, set the day to go. When Ling Hun saw that he was overjoyed, he laughed and scolded, "If you don't make progress, you have to pick up something ready-made and like it.". You are my first disciple. Be careful not to embarrass me. It's not easy to pick up this bargain! If everyone goes when it's easy, will it be our turn? Ling Hunbo was used to laughing and scolding, but Liu, Zhao, and Wei each said respectfully, "I dare not." I didn't care very much. Because of his shallow path and weak roots, Yunzhong was the first time to come out of the mountains to take on a great responsibility. At that time, he was cautious and fearful. After hearing the fate, he did his best to understand the teacher's words. He was deeply afraid of mistakes. He failed the teacher's life and did not move his greed at all. Yu Jian has always been sincere and law-abiding. Yang Chengzhi, however, was envious to the extreme. He knew that his magic power was the shallowest. He was not ordered by his teacher. How could he dare to ask for help. Flash to the day of departure, Liu, Zhao, Yu, Wei four people to Ling Hun farewell, ask for instructions. "Don't let the four of you leave easily," said Ling Hun. "When you get there, you'll know for yourself. What was said a few days ago. After the four of you leave, I'll be out soon. The four of them said goodbye to Yu and Yang and walked out of the cave. Yunzhong suddenly felt a movement in his waist pocket and was about to touch it. Then he heard someone say in his ear, "This thing is only allowed to be seen when no one is in the future. It is not allowed to touch it." Yunzhong recognized the master's accent and dared not act rashly. Accompanied by Liu, Zhao, Wei three people left the green snail, by the river, then to the yuan river. The yuanjiang River is located in the southeast of Yunnan Province. The upper stream is called Baiyan River, and the middle stream passes through yuanjiang County, which is named yuanjiang River. It flows down through the mouth of the river to the border of Vietnam and is called the Fuliang River, also known as the Red River. There are several big tributaries in the middle. From the upper reaches of Menghua Nanjian, along the west bank of the river, there are endless high mountains. The most famous ones, such as Ailao Mountain and Zuolong Mountain, are all near the river. Daxiongling, where Zheng Dianxian lives, is a steep mountain near the river in the Ailao Mountains. Starting from Qingluoyu, if not flying in the air, according to common sense, it should have traveled eastward, passing through Batang, Litang, Yajiang, Dajianlu and other stations, entering Sichuan Province, taking the key to Yibin, and taking the Shu-Dian Post Road to Yunnan. Through Zhaotong, Huize, Dongchuan, Songming and Lize, we arrived in Kunming. Then through Jinning, Jiangchuan, Tonghai and other places, across Quxi, radio shuttle racking , Jianshui, Wuzhao Mountain, we can reach it. Although the road is more circuitous, it is Guanyi Avenue. Apart from the starting section between Yunnan and Sichuan, which is not easy to cross the snow-capped mountains, most of the rest are connected to Dayi. Although there are many areas with long distance, dangerous mountains and rivers, there are also roads to follow, and there is no worry about food and drink, which is a common way for business travelers. Of the four, Liu and Zhao had been monks for a long time. Although they had traveled many times on the Sichuan-Tibet road, they all flew through the air and never walked like this. Yunzhong young childe, not out of the door far, from Hengshan to qingluo valley, is the life of the farthest way, or Yue Wen with escape method to send, naturally not much knowledge. As soon as everybody discussed, only the land Jinlong Wei Qing had been employed before, and had traveled from Huzhou to Kunming twice, so he was quite familiar with the road. Zhao and Yu could not use their flying swords because their master was only allowed to go there on foot. Anyway, they did not say which way to go, and they were not allowed to ask. They all advocated going the way Wei Qing said. Baishui Zhenren Liu Quan thought for a moment and said, "Master forbids us to fly, but we choose our own way.". If you follow the usual road, the date is not rich, but also said that when you meet busywork on the road, you should reach out to take care of it, which must have a purpose. I think that although this road is easy to follow, on the one hand, it is too circuitous, and I am afraid that I will not be able to catch up with the date and miss the great event. On the other hand, at present, some heretical and heretical sects, like the Orthodox Church, are also talented people coming forth in large numbers. In order to meet the number of disasters, most of them are lurking in the mountains, offering sacrifices to the evil method. Master ordered us to mind our own business on the road, either hinting that we would meet them, or that there were some evil spirits and ghosts. He ordered us to kill them by the way when we met them on the road, so that we could build up some external skills. This kind of monster is also entrenched in the mountains and lakes, and will not stay in the towns. In my humble opinion, going to the yuanjiang River here is like starting from the Great Snow Mountain, along the Lancang River, from Jianshan Mountain and Diancang Mountain to Nanjian, and then along the Dragon Vein of Ailao Mountain, along the yuanjiang River to the southeast to Daxiongling. Along the way, there are thousands of miles of endless mountains. Not only is it a straight road to avoid many detours in Sichuan and Yunnan, but it can also coincide with Master's mission. Although the mountains are dangerous, most of them are wild caves, and there are poisonous snakes and pythons, strange birds and monsters everywhere. It is difficult for ordinary people to walk as if they were ascending to heaven. If we were to go, Shifu would not allow us to fly in the air, but we could still use our magic and swordsmanship for self-defense. There is nothing to fear in the wind, the snow, the scorching sun, and the misty haze. There is nothing to fear in living in the mountains and sleeping in the wilderness. What dangers and obstacles are there to fear? If you hurry up, maybe you can meet something handy on the way. Isn't it wonderful? Zhao, Yu, and Wei were all reminded that since their apprenticeship, they had combined their swords and swords, and had learned a lot of magic. Just as they were about to take the opportunity to try their hand, how could they be afraid that it would be difficult to walk? Wen Yan praised in unison. Although Yu and Wei were able to go without food for a few days, they had not yet reached the point of opening up the valley. Even Liu and Zhao did not avoid meat and wine because of the religious rules, and the Taoist priests of various sects were fond of drinking because of Ling Hun, so they often had immortal wine as a gift. All the disciples had to drink freely with their teachers, and the fireworks were not very broken in a year. After the agreement, I left Qingluo Valley and first looked for Dianfan Town to collect some dry food. Then braved the snow and cold, along the snowy mountains, each displayed their skills, all the way over the mountains, climbing ice and snow, and moving forward. Four people originally had a good martial arts, and then after breathing practice, the gas is stronger, cold and heat do not invade. Not to mention Liu and Zhao, even Yu and Wei were trained to be like flying birds, faster than apes, and took the dangerous road to heart. Each of the four of them was lighter and stronger than the other, and they were able to walk like flying. Although they had never flown with a sword, they could really walk hundreds of miles of rugged mountain roads in a day.