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Gemini love

  • The man did not seem to expect that the secret worry would know that it was him. He was stunned for a while before he spoke slowly. "It's nothing. It's just a simple task." "May I offer you a meal in return, sir?" Although the hidden worry did not know who this man was, listening to the voice, the hidden worry was sure that he knew him. So the invitation to dinner is not only to thank him, but also to know who he is and why he didn't leave any message. It took a long time for the man on the phone to answer, "Good!"! Miss Lin, let's meet at the restaurant at nine o'clock tomorrow evening. Hidden worry did not expect that the man would say where to eat, just nodded, and then found that he could not see at all, so he said "good". Cousin Lan just slept in the hospital for one night. The next day, cousin Lan went home. Hidden worries accompany cousin Lan to recuperate at home. In the evening, the secret worry first lets the blue cousin go to bed to rest, then changes clothes to go out. I don't know what my intention is, maybe I just don't want my cousin to worry about her, after all, I have to go out so late. When I arrived at the appointed place, I found that I didn't know who the man was. With a self-deprecating smile,Pallet rack supplier, he could only choose the most primitive way-waiting for a rabbit. Hidden worry went in, only to find that there was no one in the huge restaurant. The waiter went up to Hidden Worry. Excuse me, are you Miss Lin Yinyou? Standard foreigners speak fluent Chinese to ask about hidden worries. Worry smiled and nodded. The waiter made a gesture of invitation and led the secret worry to the window seat. As soon as Yin You sat down, a man who looked like a manager came to Yin You. Miss Lin, Mr. Yefeng will be here soon. Please wait a moment. Then he left politely. Hidden worry in my mind for a long time, to make sure that I do not know a person called "night wind" ah. Worried about what kind of person this is,Drive in racking system, I saw a familiar figure came in. It was he who was surprised by the hidden worry in his heart. It turned out that he had saved Cousin Lan. Hello, Mr. Night Wind. Worry held out his hand politely. The man named Yefeng took Yinyou's hand and kissed her on the back of her hand. Hidden worry pulled back his hand sheepishly. The night breeze is a gentleman to take care of the hidden worry and sit down again, and then sit down himself. When the manager saw that the night wind was coming, he called the waiter to serve them, and there was no ordering procedure. He must come here often, I think. After sitting down, neither of them spoke first, but they were thinking about each other. Hidden worry looked at the face in front of him, once again remembered Nuo, but after so many things, hidden worry did not know how to face the man he liked. That's why I haven't contacted him for so long. And the man in front of her took away the beauty that belonged to the girl. But she did not hate her, and even when she saw him outside the villa, Cantilever Storage rack ,warehouse rack manufacturer, there was a trace of touching, and when she could not see him, she missed him. She couldn't figure it out. Did she fall in love with someone else so soon? Looking at the lovely person sitting in front of him, the persistence of the night wind collapsed bit by bit. I always thought that I would not be fettered by women, but I fell at the first sight of her. He thought he only wanted her, so he possessed her selfishly, but gradually he became infatuated with her, so he watched her under her window night after night. Just when she thought she could have her, she pushed him away. His pride did not allow him to be infatuated with her again, but when he came into contact with her again, his persistence was swallowed up. He came to see her anyway. The two of them lowered their heads to eat with their own concerns, and occasionally the collision of their eyes was deliberately avoided. After dinner, the secret worry said goodbye to him. He just said lightly, "I'll see you off," and he got into his car as if he had been bewitched. Sitting in the car, the two men still did not speak. Hidden worry looked at the scenery outside the car window. And the night wind through the rearview mirror to see the secret worry of the cheeks flushed, perhaps just drink red wine because of it, he guessed in his heart. Suddenly, an idea came to him. After about half an hour, I began to wonder why I hadn't arrived yet. It only took me twenty minutes to get here. Don't you know the way? "Worry asked tentatively.". He didn't answer, but just drove by himself. Parking There was a panic for no reason. He stopped the car on the side of the road with a sudden brake. He turned and kissed the red lips of secret sorrow. Overbearing kiss, let secret worry a burst of frightened, she pushed him hard, but can only be in vain. His kiss began to become delicate, and his frightened heart began to calm down. Perhaps it was the effect of the red wine that slowly began to cater to his kiss. With his consent, he began to ask for more, and his kisses gradually moved down to his chin and pink neck. Suddenly, he stopped and restarted the engine. After a while, they came to a separate apartment, and he gently carried her upstairs. As soon as he opened the door, the kiss fell again on Hidden Worry. He put her on his bed with hidden worries in his arms. Hidden worry did not struggle, perhaps in the heart, she also longed for his touch. He untied his clothes for Hidden Worry, and the hot kisses kept falling, causing Hidden Worry's body to heat up. Hidden worry clutched the sheets at a loss and closed his eyes. Hearing a slight movement, the night wind opened his eyes, but saw the hidden worry in his clothes. He stretched out his hand mischievously and drew her back to him. Fine kisses fell on the face of hidden worries. Worry struggled to get up, but could not resist his strength. Stop it! Hidden worries and resistance. An evil smile rippled across his face. "What if I don't say no?" "I have to go home, and I can't let cousin Lan know that I haven't come back all night." He said anxiously. Oh? Is our relationship so shameful? Or are you not going to be with me? The night wind stopped moving,Industrial pallet rack, looking at the hidden worries, and there seemed to be anger in his eyes. My heart suddenly missed a beat. "No, I just want to talk about it after a while." He said that he did not forget to tidy up the clothes he had messed up.