The Queen's new clothes

  • In the past few days, Wei Kui would ask the question just now every day, and even if he was busy, he would not forget to look through the letter. Chang Hu couldn't help thinking that the letter sent by the prince should have arrived in the capital at this time, and even if his wife had written a reply immediately, it would have been several days later. Such a lack of calmness is not like the style of a prince. Wei Kui closed his eyes to rest for a moment and said no more. Just as he was about to continue looking through the disaster reports from various places, a man knocked on the door and came in. He was wearing a pine colored robe with a round collar. It was Wang Di, the prefect of Luozhou. Wei Kui these days is living in the home of Wang Zhifu. As soon as Wang Di heard that Wei Kui had come to investigate the course of the Yellow River, he was extremely attentive. Seeing that the light in his room was still on, he came in with a big smile and said, "Prince, why don't you have a rest so late?" Wei Kui lifted his eyes and glanced at him. He flipped through a page of the book and came straight to the point. "What's the matter with Magistrate Wang?" He asked. "I'm afraid the prince is tired, so I've come to see you." Wang Di smiled kindly and took two steps forward, revealing a man behind him. "Just as my daughter made a few cakes, the prince had to deal with official business late at night. He must have been hungry by now.". My daughter has no other skills, but this snack is good. Why don't you try it? Wang Di looked potbellied and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. The girl behind him, dressed in a blue skirt, was graceful and beautiful. She hung her head and took two steps forward. She put the food box in her hand on the table and whispered, "Please enjoy it, prince." Wei Kui took a look at the food box, and then took a look at the girl in front of him. Wang Shiyu,endless pool swim spa, the daughter of Wang Zhifu, quietly raised her eyes and looked at Wei Kui, then lowered her head shyly. Originally, she thought that those assigned by the emperor to work were all grey-bearded old men who were over fifty years old. Unexpectedly, the prince of Jin was not only young and beautiful, but also talented. She heard that in just a few days, he managed the Luozhou River in an orderly way. With palpitations,american hot tub, she took the initiative to put the cakes on the table and said shyly, "Prince, you might as well taste them. They are all special snacks in Luozhou.". "My daughter is not good at cooking, and I hope you don't dislike her." Wei Kui picked up the book again, bent his index finger and knocked on the table slowly. "Take it down." Wang Shiyu was stunned and looked at him: "The prince..." "I don't want anyone to come in and disturb me when I'm reading," Wei said lightly. The words are to the back of the magistrate Wang said, his eyebrows clear and cold, with some indisputable, "Chang Hu, send Lord Wang out.". The next time someone breaks into the study, I'll ask you about your guilt. Chang Hu made a gesture of "please go out" to Wang Di and Wang Shiyu. Wang Di wanted to say something else, but Chang Hu pulled out a sword from his waist with his thumb. He immediately made a sound and led his daughter Wang Shiyu out shyly. After the two men left, Wei Kui turned his eyes to the food box on the table. After a while, he lowered his eyes and said calmly, "Take it and throw it away." Since Su Xi received Wei Kui's first letter, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,4 person jacuzzi, every two days after that, a letter from him was sent home. Su Xi did not know whether his reply had been sent to Wei Kui, but there was nothing about the two maids in his letter. The weather gradually turned cool, the ginkgo leaves in the yard fell to the ground, the ground was golden, and autumn was thick. Counting the time, Wei Kui has been gone for more than a month. Su Xi was bored alone, so he went to the backyard of Jin Wang Fu for a walk. The wind was strong outside, and she only walked for a while, and her little face was slightly white by the wind. Back in Yunjin Zhai, she tightened her cherry Su embroidery peony cloak and was about to enter the room when she saw two people standing under the porch, one listening to the wild goose and the other the painted beads sent by yuan a while ago. Listen to the wild goose face sullen, look stern, is reprimanding the painting bead. As for the painted beads.. There was an obvious slap mark on his cheek, and he was lowering his head at the moment, unable to see any expression. When the wild goose saw Su Xi coming forward, he quickly stopped lecturing and called out "girl.". "What's the matter?" Asked Su Xi. At this time, we can see how well Wei Kui managed Yunjin Zhai. Even if there was such a big noise, no one came up to watch and did their own things. The wild goose glared at Huizhu and said, "When the girl went out just now, this cheap hoof said that he had been instructed by you to move the newly opened pot of ink chrysanthemum to your room.". The maidservant was not there at that time, and it was Luochun who put her in. When the maidservant heard about it, she felt something was wrong. She hurried into the room and saw her turning over your desk. There were only a few leisure books on Su Xi's desk, and there was nothing important. Why did Huizhu turn over her desk? She frowned and said, "What is she looking for?" "The maidservant just asked," said the wild goose, "but this cheap hoof won't say anything." Su Xi pulled her skirt into the room and looked at it. The books on the table were turned over a little. It was not obvious. There was nothing unusual in other places. She asked Tingyan to look at the painted beads for the time being. She called the servant girl who had been watching the movement of the painted beads and the paintings these days. She asked, "What have they done these days? Who have they seen?" "Madam Hui," said the servant girl, "Huizhu and Huachuan have been working in the flower shed these days, and they haven't found anything unusual." Then he thought for a moment and said, "But Huizhu has met Mrs. Liu, who is guarding the Second Gate, several times." Su Xi kept an eye on it and immediately asked the listener to inquire about Mrs. Liu, who was guarding the second gate. Within half a day, she found out that Mrs. Liu was a member of the yuan family, the Princess of the Jin Dynasty. Su Xi soon realized that yuan Shi had arranged for two servant girls to go to Yunjin Zhai, perhaps not to plug people around Wei Kui, but to find out the news of Yunjin Zhai. But what exactly do they want to find out? Su Xi couldn't figure it out, so he asked Tingyan to interrogate Huizhu and Huachuan, but they kept their mouths shut and refused to say anything. Listen to the wild goose to let people hit them twenty boards separately, until the two people closed their eyes and pouted in the past, still did not reveal a word. Su Xi did not know if Huizhu had heard anything, but in order to prevent her from revealing the news, she and Huichuan were locked up in a room across the courtyard, and no one was allowed to go in and look at them,endless pool factory, let alone let them come out. A few days later, it was still calm. Ji'antang side, but someone is anxious to get angry.