Xiuzhen: I am a thief.

  • Awesome In fact, he was not sure in his heart. Before he came here, he had already seen the body of Feiyun Daojun who was killed by me. He could not find any scars all over his body. With so many years of killing experience, he could not see how Feiyun Daojun died. This Feiyun Dajun was a figure of the same level as himself. Watching the blood demon come nervously, I smiled and said, "Blood demon, I think you'd better step down. I don't want to waste my time on you." The blood demon snorted coldly and said, "Boy, you can do it. I've long wanted to learn your skills." Kuang Dao, who was standing next to me, said to me, "Boss, you should let me clean up this old guy this time. You killed all the people in the past few times. I have no one to practice for me. I have been bored to death recently." Looking at his pleading eyes, I had to nod. Kuang Dao saw that I promised and said happily, "Boss, you really mean it." Kuang Dao's two wives are very worried, after all, this blood demon has become famous in Jianghu a long time ago, and his power is well known. Kuang Dao smiled and comforted him by saying,Surveyors tape measure, "Don't worry. Even if I can't win, the boss is still by my side. Don't worry. I'll be all right. I'll show you your husband's power and prestige later." Seeing that it was not me, the blood demon looked pleased and shouted to Kuangdao, "Boy, since you want to come down and die, I will help you. Hum, I heard that you are crazy. Let me see how crazy you are." Kuang Dao pulled out the long knife behind him and laughed,Fiberglass tape measure, "Don't talk so much nonsense, old man. I finally found a suitable practitioner today. I must have a good time." The blood demon smiled and said, "Since you are in such a hurry to die, I won't stand on ceremony." As he spoke, his hands had turned red. Kuang Dao shouted loudly, and the long knife in his hand drew a silvery shot at the blood demon, but it was a Dao Gang, which was much better than when he left Bishui Villa. Blood demon Hei Hei laughed and said, "Boy, there are two more, Hei Hei. But it would be wrong to think about what I can do with this Dao Gang." Said both hands even play, shoot out a few pink strength and that flying from the knife Gang meet in the invisible. As the two of them were fighting, I asked Wuying, "Shadow, horse weight tape ,Pi tape measure, do you know what hatred your father-in-law has with Shuiling Palace?" Wuying shook his head and said, "I don't know why the people in Shuiling Palace are so hostile to our Oriental family. I heard that Long Linger said that his father was killed by my father before she was born. At that time, my father told me that he didn't seem to have killed anyone. It's not a mistake." I smiled and said, "It's strange that she looks so much like you, just like your sister." Liu Hanyan said thoughtfully, "I think this Long Linger may really have something to do with Uncle Dongfang. It seems that we have to go back and ask Uncle Dongfang before we know." I laughed and said, "If I marry her, you won't object, will you?" Wuying smiled and said, "If this girl's character is not bad, we will not object." That's what all the girls mean. I smiled and said, "My wives understand me." This remark naturally provoked a lot of coquetry. As we speak, the crazy knife and the blood demon are fighting like a raging fire, and the knife is flying all around, and it's too close to call for a while. The people standing behind us saw that the people of Shuiling Palace had nothing to be afraid of, and they did not know who shouted, "Let's go together and destroy them all." Suddenly the heroes responded, clamoring, damn, how can they not be so enthusiastic just now, now see the crazy knife to entangle the most powerful blood demon, and these men in black know to fight without thunder in their hands. Then the Jade Monk put his hands together and said, "Almsgiver Hua, why don't we join hands to get rid of them?" I said coldly, "You can deal with these men in black, but you can't touch all the women present, including them.". "Said the room pointed to the dragon Linger opposite me.". Yu Feng, who was standing beside the monk Yuding, said, "These people are all unpardonably evil people. Everyone has to punish them. Why should the benefactor defend them?" I asked coldly, "How do you know they are the most evil people? They are just the first people to appear in front of the world. Isn't it too far-fetched for you to say that they are the most evil people? Is it because they are from Shuiling Palace?" Yu Feng said, "The people in Shuiling Palace have brought disaster to Wulin. Are there any good people?" I snorted coldly and said, "Which school doesn't have unworthy people? Can you judge the quality of a school by the behavior of a few people? In that case, don't you say that if I marry this dragon, I won't be a good person?" Yu Feng said in his heart, "You are not a good person." But he didn't dare to say it, so he had to say, "I didn't say that. I just think this opportunity is just a great opportunity to get rid of Shuiling Palace. When we catch this little girl, we won't be afraid that the master of Shuiling Palace won't come out." "So you have to catch her?" I sneered. Monk Yuding hurriedly said, "Almsgiver Hua, we can promise you not to touch these women, but we must not let these people go. If we let these people escape from Jianghu, I'm afraid there will be a bloody storm." I said,fish measuring tape, "You can do whatever you want to deal with those people. As long as you don't touch Long Linger and the girls around her, it's none of my business. If any of you dare to touch them, don't blame me for being rude." Jade top monk point. tapemeasure.net