Smell the fragrance and know the ghost

  • "Oh, it was Old Cheng's father, Old Cheng, who was still a teenager at that time.". The iron old lady's life was not very good. Her husband died a few years after her marriage, and she had no children. She had been living in the Cheng family all the time. Later, shortly after the birth of the second gentleman, Mrs. Cheng died, and Mrs. Tie had been taking care of the second gentleman. The second gentleman was quite intelligent when he was seven or eight years old, but somehow he suddenly became stupid. Alas, Mrs. Tie has always thought that the second gentleman is her own son, but as a result, she is still involved in this matter. Is her life bitter? Ning Zhiguo sighed. Is there a difference of many years between the second gentleman and the first gentleman? Su San was surprised. Yes, their brothers are thirteen years apart. Mr. Cheng Er looks more than forty years old, so Mr. Cheng Da is a man of sixty years old? Su San raised this question. Ning Zhiguo nodded: "Yes, Old Cheng is five years older than me. He is exactly sixty years old this year. It is said that people have reached sixty-one hurdles. Sure enough, Old Cheng has not crossed these hurdles." "But Miss Suyun is only seventeen, and she is the eldest." Su three how to calculate all feel a little strange, Mr. Cheng big family wealth, should marry early, how daughter is still so small? "In fact, Suyun's mother was not Old Cheng's first wife. She had married two women in succession before, but she couldn't give birth to a child for more than ten years. Old Cheng could only divorce them and marry another one. Later,Wheel tape measure, she had Suyun." When Ning Zhiguo finished speaking, he saw Su San's discontented face and felt it necessary to speak for his dead friend. Although they were divorced, old Cheng was very kind and gave them a lot of money, which was enough for them to live a peaceful life. Su San sneers: "Two cannot give birth to a child, be the problem of the woman certainly?" "Of course, otherwise how did Suyun and Heng get here?" Ning Zhiguo said this sentence, feeling that he was so old and a young lady to say something about giving birth to a child, it is a bit excessive,Adhesive fish ruler, then hit ha ha asked Luo Yin what to do next. Luo Yin looked up at the sky, thought for a moment and said, "Let's eat first. I'm hungry." (To be continued.) Chapter 8 poisoning Obviously, the relationship between Ning Zhiguo and Mr. Cheng Da was quite good, because he ordered the servants to prepare dinner at random as if he were in his own home, and then sent someone to ask other people if they needed to eat. Su San exclaimed, "Mr. Ning, you are so familiar with the Cheng family. It's no different from being in your own home." Ning Zhiguo smiled and said, "Yes, Old Cheng and I are closer than brothers. Old Cheng is very loyal. Of course, because of this, Suyun's mother didn't like me at that time. Alas." Su San understood that this Mr. Cheng Da was probably the kind of person Liu Bei, his wife was his clothes, and his brothers were his brothers. Ning Zhiguo took them to the dining room in the backyard. Su San asked, "Doesn't Mrs. Tie eat?" "Oh, Fish measuring board ,Walking measuring wheel, the old man likes to eat warm and soft food. She has a small kitchen in her yard. She makes it by herself, not in the big kitchen." As he spoke, he walked into the flower hall and saw Suyun and lawyer Li already sitting at the table. Ning Zhiguo joked, "Lao Li didn't expect you to be so thin but the most gluttonous. You arrived so soon." Lawyer Li laughed and said, "The food in that restaurant today is actually not to my taste. I'm already hungry." "Suyun nodded, too. She didn't ask about Old Mrs. Tie. She seemed to have a lot of resentment." Oh, you're all early. Yuemei pulled Xiao Heng in, scanned the crowd, and asked with a smile, "How is that old guy? He's so scared. Hum, what are you afraid of if you don't do anything guilty?" Suyun raised her eyebrows and said nothing. Ning Zhiguo pointed to the chair beside him and said, "Xiao Heng, sit down with Uncle Ning." Xiao Heng seemed to like Ning Zhiguo very much. He ran over with a smile and asked, "Uncle Ning, you said you would take me to take a big ship last time. It's been a long time. When are we going to take it?" In a few days, when my sister is settled, we will go to take a big ship. Do you like my sister? Xiao Heng won't be alone in the future. He has a sister to help you. Little Heng pointed at Suyun and said, "What sister? She's not my sister.". ” Ning Zhiguo looked at Suyun with an embarrassed look on his face. He quickly patted Xiao Heng and said, "Don't talk nonsense. Uncle Ning won't like you if you talk nonsense." In fact, it was just a gentle pat, but Xiao Heng burst into tears, crying and shouting: "You beat me for a bastard, I will never be good with you again." Bastard! With a pale face, Suyun stood up and looked at Yuemei. "Explain clearly, who is the bastard?"? What does a child like him know? Did you do a lot of work in the back? Yuemei stretched out her hands and carefully observed the nail polish she had just painted. She said lightly, "Today's children are smart.". He's not as gullible as he used to be. I can't control what he wants to say and what he likes to say. Besides, you have to understand that we orphans and widows have no father to teach us. Suyun, like an angry female leopard, was about to rush over. Lawyer Li grabbed her by the arm and said, "Don't talk to her. She doesn't have a good word in her mouth." Yuemei said with a smile, "I want to hear good words and go to the teahouse. Ten big boys have a good talk. Every sentence is a good word, and it can make people spend money." With a bang, Ning Zhiguo pounded the table: "Well, Yuemei, don't go too far.". Nominally, you are Suyun's stepmother and elder. "I'm sorry, my mother didn't. I didn't know there was a stepmother." Suyun is also a mouth not to let points, Leng is not going to give Ning Zhiguo face. It seems that there will be a quarrel soon. At this time, the smell of food came, Xiao Heng was really hungry, saw a chicken wing, shouted: "put it here, I like to eat this!" " Suyun rolled her eyes and muttered, "No family education." "Yes, we have a father, but we don't have a father to take care of us. There is no family education." Yuemei sneers. Su three look at these two people, the heart is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Xiao Heng grabbed the chicken wings and ate them. Between the two women, he had already finished eating two chicken wings. Hands full of oil shouting: "Mom,cattle weight tape, wipe, wipe!" " Yuemei threw the veil angrily and said, "Look at you. You don't look like a young master. Who are you following? Really." Ning Zhiguo picked up the veil and wiped Xiao Heng's hands.