Jian Hai Ying Yang

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    His eyes swept the two clerks in the shop, the suspected one was called Lao Cui, and as expected, he behaved vigorously and forcefully, unlike ordinary people. With a sneer in his heart, Yang Shidao thought, "According to the current situation and timing, it is natural to use the most appropriate method of poisoning. If it is an ordinary poison, I, Yang Shidao, don't care. But Yan Wuwei is the most fierce hero today. The medicine he uses must be a master." With a smile on his lips, he quickly took out a small bottle from his bag, opened it, poured out an elixir, and swallowed it into his stomach. He thought, "My poison gathering elixir can gather all the most poisonous things in the world together. If it can't be dissolved, it can be discharged from the feces in two hours. Now that I have taken the medicine first, even if I am fearless, it will be unparalleled." If you can get extremely poisonous drugs, you can do nothing for me for a while. Only then did he step into the wine shop. Seeing Duanmufu and Uncle Cui sitting together, he went over and saluted, saying, "Miss Duanmu, I'm grateful for your love and help in secret. I'm still on the way. I think it's better to rely on the protection of the young lady. I wonder if the young lady will take offense at me for belittling your status." "Please sit down, Mr. Yang,304 Stainless Steel Bar," Duanmufu said simply. Yang Shidao sat down and looked at it in a twinkling of an eye. "There's still a long way to go from here to the town," he said. "Many of the people who are on the move are here. No wonder business is so good." "Even so," said Duanmufu, "I don't think this shop can make much money." Yang Shidao was slightly surprised and thought, "She clearly reminded me to pay attention to the use of two assistants in this shop, and undoubtedly pointed out that one of the assistants might be from Duzun Villa." But he pretended not to understand and said, "The young lady is not very familiar with this line of business, so she thinks that what they earn is limited. In fact, there is always a 30% profit in this line of business. As far as the location here is concerned,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, even if it is a little more expensive than in the city, it should be. The guests will never take it amiss. Therefore, as far as the business here is concerned, it must be very profitable." Uncle Cui nodded and said, "Mr. Yang is right. I just asked the price casually. It's not more expensive than the price in the city, but it's not cheaper.." While he was talking, the food and wine were already served. The waiter still filled everyone's cup with wine. Yang Shidao raised the wine and said, "Please," which was already on his lips. Duanmufu didn't seem to hear. She looked down at the wine. Since she didn't say anything, Yang Shidao couldn't drink by himself. "Miss Duanmu, I'd like to propose a toast to you," she said. Duanbenfu slowly looked up, bright eyes, containing the color of doubt. Yang Shidao knew that she was wondering whether she knew that there might be something strange in the wine, and because she was not sure for a moment, she kept silent. Only then did he dare to be optimistic, thinking that in a round of wits, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,mirror stainless steel sheet, he had a 78% advantage and might be able to defeat her. You should know that Duanmufu won the first round in the battle of wits by covering him. If Yang Shidao could not win by surprise and pull back the defeat, he would not be able to fight Duanmufu again in the future, which is why he risked his life to drink the poisonous wine. Earlier, when he swallowed the "Poison Gathering Pill," he was only guessing that the other party might have poisoned it. He saw Duanbenfu's hesitation, which proved that this was a good idea. The wine in his hand must be poisonous. If a hero of the first class drinks this wine, he will die. Duanmufu said slowly, "Mr. Yang's behavior seems to be a person who tastes wine, which makes me feel very strange." Yang Shidao replied with a pun, "I seldom drink, but I'm so happy to be at the table with the young lady today and to be taken care of by you, so I have to drink this cup." Duanmufu frowned slightly and said, "Don't be too happy, Mr. Yang. We are enemies, not friends. After you drink this cup, it's very likely.." Before she had finished speaking, Yang Shidao smiled and said, "Miss Duanmu, I'm going to do it first. Please!" He threw back his neck and drank up the wine in the cup. Old Cui, the waiter, strode over, filled another cup for him, and quickly retreated. Out of the corner of her eye, Duanmufu saw that Old Cui had been out of the shop. She sighed in her heart and thought, "Old Villa Leader has tried his best to kill this man. If I stop him, Old Villa Leader is bound to fall out. Although this man has the name of wisdom, he has no wisdom." That old Cui is clearly after the poison, see successful, quickly retreat, lest Yang Shidao poison hair, Luo Tingyu and others must catch him. He hurried out of the shop and fled the place. As if nothing had happened, Yang Shidao in the wine shop still poured the wine and drank it. Duanmufu suddenly stretched out his hand and pressed his glass. He said gently, "Mr. Yang, I may be suspicious. Do you feel ill?" When she said this, it was less than a moment before he drank two cups in a row. If the medicine was poisonous and not urgent, there would be a chance to save it. Stunned, Yang Shidao stared at the young girl and thought to himself, "It's strange. How could she be so gentle with such a talented person?" It turns out that most of the people in the world are very intelligent, and they must be cold. This is because extremely intelligent people often see through the ways of the world and see the truth about people and things, so they are more rational and calm, and not very emotional. People who do not know the inside story think that they are endowed with coldness. Duanmufu's gentleness, however, is something that Yang Shidao did not expect at all. In this battle of wits, he also thought about it, and there was no omission. This alone. He was so unprepared that it was as if a corner of a castle had been breached, and it was very difficult to block it. He hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said, "Thank you for your concern, Miss. I've always been stubborn and vigorous, but I don't feel uncomfortable at all." As soon as he was stunned, Duanmufu was so clever that she immediately realized that she had been worried in vain. She also understood that she had lost the battle to the other side. She was angry and annoyed. Her face sank and she said, "Very good. Mr. Yang has a good way of keeping in good health. It seems that others don't have to bother at all in the future!" She told Yang Shidao that from now on, she would no longer ask about Yan Wuwei's attempt to kill him. Uncle Cui said, "That's strange. Isn't he fine? Miss,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, what are you worried about?" Duanmufu snorted and said, "Maybe. If someone recites the incantation, maybe he can be cursed to death on the spot. Does Mr. Yang believe it?" 。 sxthsteel.com