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The queen wants to cheat

  • In the corner of the street, a small figure appeared there, a pair of big watery eyes rolling around, observing the situation around him from time to time. Hee hee, it was not easy for him to slip away while the emperor uncle did not notice him. Now that he has slipped away, of course, he can never find himself again! In other words, that uncle has a bad heart for his mother, certainly not a good person, but also want to rob his mother with his fathers, it is simply overrated! Seeing that his surroundings seemed to be safe for the time being, he came out of the corner and looked around curiously, looking here and there, having a lot of fun, as if he had forgotten that he had slipped out from under the eyes of an emperor who was now looking for his figure. So, when Qi Hao appeared in front of him, looking at him with a smirk on his face, he suddenly woke up, bad, even forgot this annoying emperor uncle! It seemed a little too late to wake up now, because Qi Hao's sinister claw was slowly reaching out to him, as if he wanted to pick him up, carry him back to the palace,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and teach him a good lesson! But at this critical moment, suddenly rushed out from the side of a group of children, just rushed into the little guy and Qi Hao between the two, the two of them abruptly scattered. Taking advantage of this rare opportunity, the little fellow made a face at some Qi Hao, and then, escorted by Qi Hao's startled eyes, swaggered out of his sight. Qi Hao could hardly believe what happened today, seeing the little guy's figure disappear around the corner,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and he was surrounded by a large group of children, so that he could hardly move. Damn it, they're just trying to block his way! Once again escaped from the hands of Qi Hao, the little guy smiled a face of treachery, smiling to walk forward, from now on, he will go to Xiaoyao Jianghu! I heard that my mother once made Jianghu prosperous, and my fathers were all famous people in Jianghu. Even if they are not the two fathers in Jianghu, their identities are more famous, the emperor and Wang Ye, although yuan's father is no longer the emperor. Then he must not let his mother down, must do better than his mother, otherwise he will not have the face to go back to see his mother and father! Well, what should we do next? Extra chapter 7 Qi Hao sat in the imperial study with a depressed face. Damn it, he let the smelly boy run away. He invited the emperor of the Moon Kingdom to let a three-year-old kid put it together! Thought, but suddenly laughed out, 304 stainless steel wire ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, he is really more and more like that guy, completely inherited his mother's ghost, so that he can not help but forgive all the bad things he has done, eyes seem to only see his good direction. I just don't know where the little guy went, and since he ran away, it's not so easy to find him again with his quaint mind. Just then, there was a noise in the imperial study, only to hear the voice of a bodyguard: "How dare you break into the palace!" Then came a voice that made him think day and night: "How dare you?"? I'm trespassing. What do you want? Call Qi Hao out quickly! Smell speech, Qi Hao where still sit still, this voice but he is missing day and night, immediately stood up from the Dragon Chair, toward the door of the imperial study rushed out. Looking at the pretty face that appeared in front of him, Qi Hao was so excited that he didn't know what to do. He just couldn't help rushing to her and holding her in his arms. He repeatedly asked, "Shadow, how did you come here?"? When did you arrive at the country of the moon? Why didn't you tell me in advance so that I could pick you up? Su Siying rolled her eyes, pushed him away and said in a muffled voice, "Where is my son?" Qi Hao was stupefied for a moment, and now he realized whether he should not have come out at all just now, and now, the little guy just disappeared, and his mother came to him! Looking at Qi Hao's hesitant appearance, Su Siying put his face in front of him, raised his eyebrows and said, "Qi Hao, where did you hide my son?"? Don't tell me my son isn't in your palace! "Well, the shadow, let's go in and talk about it!" Qi Hao smiled and stretched out his hand to pull Su Siying into the imperial study, where there were so many bodyguards present, his emperor was shouted by a woman, would lose face! Su Siying struggled a few times and pulled his hand out of his hand. He frowned at him and said, "Don't ask for tricks. Tell me where my son is, or I'll destroy your palace!" Originally wanted to let the little guy to do it, just can let him see some of the world, but there is no way, I miss my son ah! Pulling the corners of his mouth, Zhang Lian looked at Su Siying and said with a flat mouth, "Liner is gone." "What did you say?" Seeing that Su Siying was about to rush up and fight with him, Qi Hao hurriedly said, "Shadow, don't get excited!"! I believe Liner will be all right. Do you have no confidence in your own son? Su Siying raised her eyebrows and looked at Qi Hao sadly. She said with a smile, "Tell me, where is my baby son?"? Why are you so sure he's going to be okay? He sighed and said slowly, "He is so clever and treacherous. He should have an accident when he meets him." Squint at him, in fact, Su Siying is really not very worried about his son, but his son was lost by Qi Hao, how to say also want to find him to calculate the account! With a cold snort, he said, "I don't care about that. You just have to accompany my son."! Or I'll tear down your palace! The rascal shrugged his shoulders and said, "You can tear it down if you want. I'm thinking of building a new palace, and I'm really tired of living in the palace. It's just right to tear it down, isn't it?" Looking at the way Su Siying gnashed his teeth,304 Stainless Steel Coil, Qi Hao suddenly approached her and said with a smile, "If you must ask me to accompany you with a son, I will be wronged and help you have another one!" 。