Peach blossom leaves

  • Not surprised by spoils and humiliations, I watched the flowers bloom and fall in front of the courtyard; I had no intention of leaving or staying, and I looked at the clouds in the sky. The summer sky is blue and clear, blue and serene. Lin Suyang did not count the number of times he and Si Junxing watched the rising and setting of the sun, until the moon hung high, he would complain about the shortness of time. Unconsciously, time seems to have passed more than a month, and soon came the most solemn festival of Yanliao, the Boat Song Festival. Because Yanliao is located in the south, there are many water systems, so many Yanliao people like boat racing. Like the Chinese dragon boat race on the Dragon Boat Festival, on the day of the Boat Song Festival, many people will gather around the bank of Fengjiang River, the largest river in Yanliao, prepare their boats and take their relatives and friends to participate in the boat race or cheer for others. In the evening, there is also a night boat, which is decorated with lanterns and colored streamers and travels through various river systems. You can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river, or you can listen to songs and dance on the boat. If it is the latter,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, you will generally gather in the widest section of the Fengjiang River. In the middle of the river, there will be many brothel boats offering free songs and dances. First, it is a festival, and second, it can also be famous by the way. On this day, Lin Suyang also put on a veil and sat with Si Junxing on a tall building not far from the Fengjiang River. Listening to the sound of gongs and drums and the deafening shouts of jubilation, Si Junxing laughed and said,brushed stainless steel sheet, "The scene must be very spectacular." Lin Suyang looked at him, feeling a little sad, I do not know when he can see the light again, for him, he owes too much. Si Junxing seemed to know what she was thinking. He squeezed her hand and said, "Don't worry. I still have you." Below is a wave of cheers, Lin Suyang looked sideways, the game has begun. I remember that Zhang Jianfeng, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, used many poems to vividly describe the magnificent scene of the dragon boat race in his Song of the Dragon Boat Race, such as "The drums beat three times and the red flag opened; two dragons jumped out of the floating water.". A thousand swords are flying in the waves of the shadow, and a thousand thunders are ringing in the waves of the drums. The sound of the drums is approaching, and the two dragons are looking at the mark in an instant. The people on the slope are frightened by the thunder, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and the rainbow is dizzy. The front ship has won the bid for the water, but the rear ship has lost its power and fluttered in the air. At this time, the scene of the boat race can be said to be a reappearance of the poem. The water splashed in the river, and several boats competed with each other, causing the people on both sides to shout passionately and loudly, which gradually pushed the race to a climax. Lin Suyang is looking at the rise, eyes can not help but look around, suddenly in the crowd of two men in white so that she suddenly froze the body. Turning her head unnaturally, she said to Si Junxing, "It's too noisy here. Shall we go home?" Not knowing what he meant, Si Junxing put down the teacup in his hand and asked, "Are you leaving before the game is over?"? There's a night boat tonight. It should be very lively. It's rare to meet the last Boat Song Festival. Don't you watch it? "I.." What does Lin Suyang want to say. And then I thought. Dress yourself up like this. It shouldn't be easy to recognize. Then said a sentence: "Good.". But it's almost over here. Let's look somewhere else. He called the waiter to pay the bill. She led Si Junxing out of the restaurant. Down in the crowd. Lin Ziyan looked around. Can not help but sigh: "I did not expect Yanliao people love this festival so much.". I'm afraid the whole city is gathered here. A man next to him said with a faint smile, "I'm going to the Lantern Festival in the big center.". It's not bad. It's just true that Yanliao people like to have fun. Ok. Let's go when we've seen enough. I heard there is a night boat at night. Come and see it then. Lin Ziyan replied respectfully, "Yes.". Childe. Can let the magnificent city commander treat the people with such an attitude. Except for the Great Yang Emperor. I can't find the second one. This man came to pay a return visit to Emperor Hong of Yanliao. Qin Hao. Lin Suyang walked on the street with a heavy heart. I don't even know when Si Junxing pulled her to a stop. What are you thinking? Si Junxing asked softly. Only then did Lin Suyang come to his senses and say, "It's nothing." "If you don't want to be here, let's go back." "No, the scenery is better at night. Don't miss it." Lin Suyang shook his head. "Don't worry, I'm just a little hot." "Well, shall we find a cool place to rest?" Si Junxing asked. Uh? OK Lin Suyang answered perfunctorily. Si Junxing paused and let her slowly lead him on. People who have absorbed the nine lotus ice will have a different constitution from now on, and will not be afraid of cold and heat. The words in the book are still in her mind, but she doesn't know. Lin Ziyan and Qin Hao found a bigger restaurant in the street and went in. There were very few people in the building at this time, and they probably all went to watch the boat race. They picked a table by the window and sat down. They asked the waiter to order and talked again. Can you guess what my Lin Taifu is doing now? Qin Hao seemed to ask Lin Ziyan unintentionally, but his voice was small enough for the people next to him to hear. This I don't know. Lin Ziyan's mind again emerged Lin Suyang women's appearance, if the emperor knows that the elder brother has been disguised as a man, then the Lin family will have a big trouble, presumably the elder brother also knows the seriousness of this matter, I wonder how she is now? "Ziyan seems to have thought a lot?" Qin Hao slanted his eyebrows and looked at him with a half-smile. I. I dare not. Lin Ziyan said hurriedly that if he hadn't been outside, he might have knelt down to plead guilty. I'm just asking. You don't have to be so nervous. Qin Hao picked up the tea and took a sip slowly. Then several young men came in from outside the door and sat down at the empty table on one side of them. One of them, who looked like a rich young man, knocked on the table with a folding fan and shouted, "Waiter, come here." Waiter immediately brought a pot of herbal tea and ran over to wait on him. "What do you want?" The man said, "Just a few of the good dishes in your building, and a pot of good wine, so that the young master can eat and drink enough to see the beauty in the evening." "Yes, yes." Waiter bowed and bowed and retreated. One of them said, "I'm afraid it will be very lively tonight. It's said that Miss Yingru, the red card of Yueyanglou, will also perform on the stage. It's rare to see a beautiful woman in the past. Today, I can finally feast my eyes on her.". By the way, the money is less. Didn't you go to the stage of Miss Ying Ru last time? How about it? Did you ever embrace a beautiful woman? "Hey, stop it.". Young master,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, before I could open my mouth, the bastards kept shouting, and a few rotten poems also wanted to see their beauty. "Bah." The man who was called less money said angrily.