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  • In a twinkling of an eye, the thief saw that Qiuyu Xiaoyao Dragon King's knife had been taken out. Sweating, he pried open the door lock neatly and took several people into the door. The courtyard was full of peach blossoms, a bit like the peach blossoms outside the residence of a demon in the village where he was born on a moonlit night. Master, don't play! We really have something important to ask you! The thief stood at the gate of the simple green tiled courtyard and raised his voice. What are you doing here if you're not married? Hate iron does not become steel in the gas full of roar, immediately spread over, with the voice, a peach figure instantly stood in front of the thief. The dawn thief laughed heartily and pulled the moonlight night to introduce: "This is the medicine fairy moonlight night." A peach-colored gown, delicately embroidered with peach blossoms of the same color, shining in the sun, the old man has a happy face, smile lines are very heavy, so it is not old-fashioned, elegant gray hair is simply pinned with a peach blossom hairpin, the whole person is in high spirits, peach fragrance, unexpectedly deadly suitable for this tender like a woman's peach. The old man smiled, and perhaps when he kept a straight face, he seemed to be smiling: "Well." "She is my sister." "Xiao Thief still smiled and did not mind Master's piercing peach blossom eyes at all." Fart! When did she become related to you? The old man was so angry that he grabbed a wooden sword from somewhere and cut it down. The old moon boy told me that the curse of their doomed people has been solved, and marriage is up to people. Why did you marry her disobediently? Ah Qiuyu Xiaoyao, with a black face and flexible hands and feet, pulled the moonlight night to his side to protect him. The Wolf King and Su Mo were happy to watch the play. Gui Gui seemed to have invited a few people to the living room for tea,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, as if the people flying around in the peach blossom forest were just strangers. For a long time, the discomfited thief dawdled through the door and found a chair nearby to lie down. He kept complaining, "Master, you are just looking for a reason to teach me a lesson, aren't you?"? Knowing that someone else is destined, but still let the disciple intervene, do you think the disciple has not suffered from love, or do you think the disciple has lived too long and looks like an eyesore?.. "Shut up." The old man glared at the thief,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and the fragrance rose and fell. Then look at the autumn rain with an angry face and the moonlight night with an awkward smile. You should solve this problem quickly and then come to me. If you don't marry my apprentice, don't ask the old man how to find it. "Why do you insist on imposing on others?" Qiuyu Xiaoyao really didn't understand what kind of epilepsy the mastermind had made. He tried his best to come up with some bad ideas. But in the face of this NPC, he couldn't persuade it by force. He really wanted to cut it directly with a knife. If it hadn't been for the proposal of the thief to see if there was any other way, he really didn't want to be bullied. The old man's smile lines gradually deepened: "The boy of the Demons, this is the business of our immortals. You, just stand aside." "Master." "The thief stands in front of Qiuyu Xiaoyao, with a bitter face of helplessness." Yueyue and Qiuyu Xiaoyao have a good relationship. Do you really want me to be a mistress? Sweat one, do not know this NPC's intelligence quotient is not enough, regardless of so much, Xiao thief beautiful Danfeng eyes faintly tearful. No matter how they are, as far as your disciple is concerned, I am just brother and sister to the moonlight night. How can I marry him? Losing her will be the final outcome. Master, is that what you want to see? The old man's eyes flashed and seemed to crash for a moment, and then his face sank. "Are you so reluctant?"? Or did he threaten you? It was murderous and directed at Qiuyu Xiaoyao. Master, what did you say? Can your disciple be threatened by others? The thief immediately pulled the old man's sleeve and became more and more aggrieved. You should take ill-gotten gains in a proper way. Master, Magnesium Oxide powder ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, isn't that what you said? Feelings are the same. Marrying in a proper way is what a chivalrous person should do, isn't it? Stiff for a while, the old man's state is a bit like updating, and like pondering the words of the thief, for a long time, before easing the expression, nodding and smiling: "This understanding is not necessarily impossible." Xiao Thief's eyes lit up. "So, Master, you won't force us to be together?" "Don't blame your teacher if you regret it later." "The old man looked at the thief with regret, then looked at the moonlight night, and sighed again." Red beans are born in the south. The real red beans are in the 36 lucky caves in the south. Those who are predestined to know. ” The little thief didn't believe it. He caressed and coquettishly shook the old man's arm. "Master, that's not all the news, is it?" Smiling to take back his arm, the old man a pink color, "nonsense, if you get married again, then, as a teacher can remind you to a specific cave house, but now." Ha ha, thirty-six caves, not much, not much. Take your time to find them. That's all. I'm really going to retreat as a teacher. Don't disturb me. With that, the man disappeared into the pink peach blossom forest, and no matter how the thief called, he did not show up. All right, get the news and go home! A relaxed autumn rain carefree do not mind the change of the task prompt, as long as you think, so that you can safely together, he is happy from the bottom of his heart, the smile on his face is more and more beautiful like sunshine, straightforward exposure of their good mood. Moonlight night and Wolf King looked at each other, and Su Mo looked at each other, all saw a bit of hesitation from each other's eyes: this person, the task is more difficult, but also happy like what, is it difficult to be angry and confused? In fact, as far as the idea of moonlight night is concerned, marriage in the game is just a game, and marriage for the task is meaningless. Therefore, for this kind of method, it is strange not to agree with it. What is more strange is that there is a kind of inexplicable sweetness in her heart. Qiuyu Xiaoyao put down his worries, Xiao thief is also relieved, lest this guy has nothing to do to find his real person PK, but they did not think that the most reassuring down, or in front of the mastermind, the face of a deep, smiling forest. Manager Lin.. Change it this way.. Will the old men. Behind him, the technicians,dap diammonium phosphate, who were somewhat confused and busy, trembled their hands and looked worriedly at the little master in front of them, who was more elusive than the old men. stargrace-magnesite.com